$10 off $10 Office Depot Coupon

This morning I used my $10 off $10 Office Depot coupon, and I am so excited that it worked on the print job that I needed to get done. I had 172 pages that I needed to print, but I was waiting for a gift card. Well, the $10 off $10 Office Depot coupon was as good as a gift card, because instead of paying $14.67, I only paid $4.67!
Coupon details: The $10 off $10 Office Depot coupon is valid until November 7, 2011, and it is good on copies, binding & laminating, posters, signs & banners, business cards & stationary, custom stamps, promotional products, passport/ID photos, ditigal photo prints/products, shredding and more. Valid in store only – 1 coupon per household/family. 
Thank you Money Saving Mom for sharing this coupon. 

You can get your $10 off $10 Office Depot Coupon here.

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