Oct 152011
This morning I made a quick trip to JCPenney, because I simply could not miss out on the $10 off $25 JCPenney coupons. I had one $10 off $25 JCPenney coupon from printing it out online, and then I got another (different code) from the newspaper. I also had a $25 JCPenney gift card from Mypoints, and 2 x $5 visa gift cards from a Kellogg’s mail-in-rebate….so I was armed and ready to shop. 
Now, shopping with all three of my sons can be a nightmare, but the sale expired Sunday, and yesterday my middle son was very sick. So, I dragged them all with me. I gave the boys jobs to keep them occupied and out of trouble. My oldest son was the scanner, my middle son carried a bag with items to purchase, and my youngest son had to look out for clearance signs. 
There was also a reward involved. If my oldest son behaved well, we would walk to an outdoors playground afterward, and if he did not behave well, but the two younger ones did we would go to the indoor playground (only for little kids). If all kids misbehaved, we would go straight home after shopping.
Fortunately all three kids did well, and we were able to browse all JCPenney clearance spots, get what we need and get in and out in no time. We had about 1 1/2 mile to the park, and we stopped on the way to pick up Subway sandwiches.
My two youngest son aren’t really missing any clothes, but I am always looking for new clothes for my oldest son. I was also hoping to find a few dress shirts for myself, that I can wear on special occasions. I was successful all around, but I actually ended up purchasing two shirts on a 50 percent off sale, and not clearance shirts. With the coupon savings, I still ended up paying less than any of the clearance shirts, and now I got the dress shirts I loved. Without coupons I spent an average of $4.37 on each item, and after gift cards I spent $0.015 per item.

My $10 off $25 JCPenney Coupon Shopping Trip:
JCP Transaction 1:
Youth USA Soccer Jersey on clearance at $3.97 (Was $19.99)
ALYX Woman’s top on clearance at $6.97 (Was $38)
East 5th Top on sale at %50 off $14.99 (Was $30)
Tax $1.12
Total $17.05
– 17.05 JCPenney Gift Card from Mypoints 

Total out of pocket $0!

JCP Transaction 2

Youth USA Soccer Jersey on clearance at $3.97 (Was $19.99)
Arizona Boys T Shirt on clearance at $1.97 (Was $9.99)
Toddler Boys Tank Top on clearance at $1.97 (Was $9.99)
East 5th Top on sale at %50 off $14.99 (Was $30)
Pillow on sale at $3.99 (Was $11.99)
– $10 off $25 JCPenney Coupon
Tax $1.18
Total $18.08
– $7.95 from JCPenney Gift Card from Mypoints
– 2 x $5 Visa Gift Card from Kellogg’s mail-in-rebate

Total out of pocket $0.12
JCPenney Shopping Trip
Total spent in gift cards $35
Total out of pocket $0.12
Total saved $181.73

If you did not get a chance to go JCPenney shopping, you can still use the $10 off $25 JCPenney coupon online.

Did you use any of the $10 off $25 JCPenney coupons?

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