Oct 072011
If you love cheap and free movie rentals, don’t miss out on any Blockbuster Express codes. Today you can get a Rent 2 Get 1 Free Blockbuster Express Code.

Use Promo Code: AUTUMNFUN  at your local Blockbuster Express Kiosk. Expires Midnight 10/9/11

his past weekend I finally decided to give the Blockbuster Express Kiosk a try, after our Blockbuster store down the street closed down a few weeks ago. I found some free movie codes online, and with these Blockbuster Express Codes I was able to get four free movie rentals.

Movie rentals at the Blockbuster Kiosk usually cost $1-$2.99 per movie, and you can keep them for one day. At our local kiosk they have to be returned by 9 PM the following day.
Today I picked up two free movie rentals thanks to my free movie codes from Erewards. My kids will be watching Scooby-Doo Phantosaur, and I will be watching Hanna.
You can use your free Blockbuster Express Codes at your local Blockbuster Express Kiosk. 
Where To Get Free Movie Codes
  • If you ever get an opportunity to sign up with Erewards, they also offer Blockbuster Express Codes as a reward. I have been invited through Borders Rewards and Pizza Hut in the past, so signing up for the Pizza Hut newsletter is a good start. 
  • You should also sign up for the Blockbuster Express Kiosk newsletter to get notifications of new free movie codes. 
  • From now on you can find Blockbuster Express Codes here at Frugality Is Free as well.
If you want to have a frugal movie night, don’t forget to use these great Dominos coupon codes, to get cheap pizza too.
If you have arrived at a post with expired free movie codes make sure to check out the Blockbuster Express Codes tab here at Frugality Is Free.

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