Oct 132011
I made a quick stop at The Children’s Place yesterday, when the sign of 50 percent off select clearance prices pulled me in. 
I was in a hurry, but I quickly located the extra 50 percent off clearance bins, and I managed to dig out a few finds for my boys. Since we spend a lot of time walking in the South Florida sun or on the beach, we use a lot of hats, and because we use them so lot they usually end up wearing down or fading from the sun.
So when I discovered $2.99 hats I got excited. When I managed to find one for each of my boys in their different sizes, I was even more thrilled. These large shaded hats in neutral colors with a string are perfect for our South Florida walks.

My Children’s Place Clearance Shopping Trip

3 x Boys hat @ $2.99 each = $8.97
Tax $0.54
Total out of pocket $9.51
Total saved $15.77


The shoes were $9.99 or less after the extra 50 percent off clearance sale, and there were a lot of girls items.

Have you been to The Children’s Place lately?

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