Oct 092011
There is a great deal on Cottonelle Toilet Paper , a deal like this does not come by often, so this is a great time to stock up on toilet paper. With the per roll price as low as $0.51, this is a great value, in fact it is one of the best Amazon toilet paper deals I have seen in a while.
Cottonelle Toilet Paper, Ultra, Double Roll, White 176, 12 Pack (Pack of 4) (Total 48 rolls)
List Price: $70.36
Amazon Sale Price: $30.60
Amazon Subscribe & Save Price: $26.01 + Free Shipping
($0.54/ toilet paper roll)
Kleenex Cottonelle Aloe & E Toilet Paper, 260-Sheet Double Rolls, 12-Count Packs (Pack of 4) (Total 48 Rolls)
List Price: $70.36
Amazon Sale Price: $28.68
Amazon Subscribe & Save Price: $24.38 + Free Shipping
($0.51/ toilet paper roll)
If you are looking for a different type or brand of toilet paper check out more Amazon toilet paper deals here. Just make sure to look for the subscribe and save option, and follow the steps below to get you the best price.
Make sure you check the Amazon Coupons page, so you do not miss out on any extra savings.
Amazon Subscribe and Save
When you are buying items such as diapers, paper goods and groceries on Amazon, make sure to use the subscribe and save option, as this will save you an extra 15 percent off the Amazon sale price.
Important: Unless you want another shipment of this amazon deal, make sure to ship every 6 months (just in case you forget), and then as soon as you receive your delivery, go and cancel your subscribe and save option.

How to cancel Amazon Subscribe and Save: 
  • Go to Your Account
  • Go to Manage Subscribe and Save Items (under More Order Actions)
  • Click Cancel
Earn Amazon Gift Certificates
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