Oct 052011
Greenworks cleaning products
With three boys in the house, I feel as if I am constantly cleaning, and I go through way too many cleaning products every year. Thankfully Green Works has a complete line of naturally derived environmentally friendly cleaning products, which makes me feel better about all the cleaning products I go through.
I was very hesitant about whether or not the Green Works laundry detergent would work as well on my sons’ white school uniform shirts as my regular laundry detergent, but I am pleased to say that the Green Works laundry detergent did the job. 
Green Works laundry detergent has been dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin, and it is made without phosphates, optical brighteners or harsh chemical residue.
The Green Works compostable cleaning wipes have definitely become a favorite of mine, as these are gentle on nature and on my hands. I use the Green Works cleaning wipes to clean our very large television screen, which constantly gets little finger marks on it, and the Green Works cleaning wipes also works great for dusting and cleaning computer screens.

The Green Works wipes are made with 99 percent naturally derived ingredients, such as citric acid and wood fibers, and they can be thrown in the compost bin after using, since they’re 100 percent biodegradable. The wipes are safe for use on most non-wood surfaces, including acrylic, fiberglass and vinyl.

Another thing that I love about the Green Works cleaning wipes is that since they are made with plant-based, biodegradable cleaning ingredients, they are so gentle on the hands that even my youngest son can help me clean.
The Green Works all-purpose cleaner is one of my favorites for use in the kitchen, as I always seem to be wiping down counter tops and the cook top, and now I can do so without any chemical residue or strong odor. Green Works All Purpose Cleaner is safe to use on multiple surfaces throughout the kitchen and bathroom, including counters, appliances, stainless steel, sealed granite, chrome, cooktop hoods, sinks and toilets.
The Green Works Bathroom Cleaner is made with plant- and mineral-based cleaning ingredients, and I use it on my sink, the toilet, the bathtub and the shower stall. In the past I have encountered many bathroom cleaning products that gave up strong odors, and I really appreciate that the Green Works Bathroom cleaner lets me clean without overpowering me with a strong scent of chemical fumes.  The Green Works Bathroom Cleaner gets the job done without the harsh chemicals.  

What I Love About The Green Works Cleaners: 

  • Green Works products are environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • They are gentle on the skin.
  • The Green Works cleaning products clean as well as any of my regular cleaning products.
  • The Green Works product containers can be recycled.
  • The Green Works wipes are compostable.
  • The Green Works products are 97 – 99 percent naturally derived.
  • The Green Works cleaning products are certified by the NPA (Natural Products Association).

I am very excited that the makers of Clorox have come out with the Green Works line of environmentally friendly cleaning products, because it is great to see that a major company like Clorox wants to make the positive changes that parents have been asking for for years.

While I had already switched to some environmentally friendly cleaning products, I am excited to see for myself that the Green Works line of environmentally friendly cleaning products really do clean as well as all of my regular cleaning products.

You can learn more about the Green Works cleaning products on the Green Works Website, and you can follow Green Works on Facebook to get the most up-to-date news and savings offers.

Buy Green Works Cleaning Products
You can buy the Green Works cleaning and laundry products, where you purchase your regular cleaning products.
Make sure to stop by the Green Works website, to get your Green Works coupon to save some more green.
Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Green Works cleaning products kit from Clorox as a part of the Mom Bloggers Club review program. I received no monetary compensation. Any opinions expressed above are my own, and they are based solely on my experience with the Green Works environmentally friendly cleaning products.

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