Molluscum Contagiosum – The Molluscum Cure: Apple Cider Vinegar

This past summer I sat down and wrote a blog post about the horrible experience that one of my sons had had with Molluscum Contagiousum. It turns out that the post has become one of the most popular, most read and most commented blog posts here at Frugality Is Free despite being a bit off topic. At first I was surprised about the response, but then I thought about it again, and it really is not surprising at all. Anyone who has been affected by Molluscum Contagiousum is desperately seaching for the Molluscum cure, and this is what I wrote about. Apple cider vinegar has been the Molluscum cure for my family, a simple home remedy that does what no expensive lotion or medical treatments seem to be able to do. Apple cider vinegar cured the Molluscum virus in my sons!
You can read all about my family’s first experience with Molluscum and the apple cider vinegar treatment here.
Molluscum Contagiousum – The Second Battle
Not long after we got rid of my son’s molluscum bumps thanks to apple cider vinegar did we discover that our youngest son had a bump under his arm as well. At first we were hopeful that it was not Molluscum, but then a second bump appeared.
For the first year or so, we were told by my son’s doctor that we should not worry about our son passing on the Molluscum to other kids including his brothers (we even got a letter for the school saying just that), but after reading up on the topic I have later found this to be extremely misleading. After finally seeing a dermatologist, I did get the sense that the Molluscum was very contagious, although the doctor said that it would not spread in the pool as long as my son’s Molluscum affected areas were covered.

If one of your children is affected by Molluscum Contagiousum
do not let him or her share a bath 
with his/her siblings, do not let them share clothes, towels, bedding etc., 
and make sure to wash bedding and towels often to prevent spreading. 
Make sure the child’s Molluscum affected area is always clothed, 
so that no other children or adults will get affected. 

We tried the apple cider vinegar treatment that had worked so well on my other son, but there was no response. The “molluscum bumps” did not react at all – I was devastated. I had a theory that the apple cider vinegar treatment worked best on mature Molluscum affected areas, so I decided to wait and see for a while.
I was hopeful, yet doubtful and I kept on observing my sons bumps. Then we got some very hot and humid days here in South Florida, and all of a sudden the Molluscum started spreading all over my son’s body. It was like deja vu from my other son’s experience.
When I went in for my son’s 2 year appointment about a month later, I consulted with his new doctor about the Molluscum. I explained that while I had been successful in curing the Molluscum virus in my other son with apple cider vinegar, the first treatment had not done anything to my youngest son’s Molluscum bumps.
The doctor was surprised to hear about the apple cider vinegar molluscum cure (or treatment if you will), and he wanted to hear more. I told him everything about the apple cider vinegar treatment, and about how fast it had worked on my other son’s Molluscum. I also mentioned that I thought it might work best on mature Molluscum bunps, and that I intended on starting another round of apple cider vinegar treatment on my youngest son soon.
The doctor took an extra look at the Molluscum bumps, and then he told me that the only Molluscum treatment he had had success with was literally cutting off two of the bumps completely, as this seemed to attack the virus. He also said that this worked best when the molluscum bumps were mature. He emphasized that this certainly was not one of his favorite parts of his job, and that it took a certain kind of kid for him to be able to do it.
He then suggested that I should begin the apple cider vinegar treatment again, because my toddlers Molluscum bumps seemed to be mature at this point.
That night I went home and started the apple cider vinegar baths, and after my son fell asleep I added a couple of cottonballs with apple cider vinegar on his mature bumps. The next morning he woke up with darkened Molluscum bumps, they were scabbing over, and a few days after they were gone. After two weeks with the apple cider vinegar treatments all of my toddler’s
Molluscum bumps were gone (even the ones that never matured), and apple cider vinegar really was the Molluscum cure that I was hoping for it to be.
Earlier this week I took my son to the doctor, because he was not feeling well, and the doctor was amazed when he saw a few leftover marks where the Molluscum bumps used to be.
I am writing this second Molluscum post, because I want to encourage anyone dealing with Molluscum not to give up, even if the apple cider vinegar treatment does not work the first time around. The Molluscum Contagiousum bumps may simply need to mature a little more, before they can be receptive to the apple cider vinegar treatment.
When the Molluscum bumps are mature, they begin to look like pimples ready to be popped. They have a white area in the middle, and you will be able to see a difference between these bumps and any new bumps.
It is essential that you are consistent with the apple cider vinegar 
molluscum treatment for about two weeks, as the Molluscum bumps 
appear a few weeks after an area has been affected. 
For my kids the Molluscum cure has been apple cider vinegar, a natural, low-cost treatment that is accessible to everyone.
For those of you, who are not familiar with Molluscum Contagiousum, I am going to share a few of the comments from my first Molluscum Apple Cider Vinegar post, as these comments show just how amazing the apple cider vinegar treatment is, and how Molluscum Contagiousum can affect a person’s life.
“My son, 7, has also had this for about a year. I heard the same information as above from the dermatologist (it’ll go away on its own, freeze them, scrape them, etc.). I have been using ACV for several days and with cotton balls, bandaids and cloths, several hours at a time, and the hundreds of bumps on his neck, face and back are all scabbed over now. It looks awful but I am assuming the scabs will heal soon and then we’ll only have a few bumps here and there to contend with until it’s completely clear. The ACV was a miracle!”
Jenncatt said:
“It’s me again. I’m happy to say that my daughter’s 37 bumps on her legs are down to ZERO now. I feel the ACV has been the main reason why they are gone…. I highly recommend making tiny balls soaked in the ACV and putting the little shot bandaids on over the ball and bump. It healed my child!!! I could just cry. We’re going to have a no bump party this weekend!!!”
 bugglemama said…
“I wish the medical community would stop ignoring molluscum….obviously their children have never had it or they wouldn’t be so lackadaisical about it!”
Anonymous said… 
“I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this blog!!… After less than a week of applying ACV while I slept at night, they have all scabbed over, and will hopefully be gone soon.”
I want to emphasize that I am not a doctor, I am not a nurse, I am not a Molluscum specialist, I am simply a concerned mother, who has finally found the Molluscum cure for her children. I am a mother who wants to share my knowledge with other parents, who find themselves in the same helpless and frustrating situation that I was in not too long ago. If you have any concerns, I highly advice contacting your family doctor, but I also recommend doing your own research as Molluscum does seem to be a mystery even to many doctors.

You can read more about my family’s experience with Molluscum Contagiousum, and the Molluscum Apple Cider Vinegar treatment here. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on creams and medical treatments that had no definite cure, I am excited to be able to declare that I found the Molluscum cure for my family.

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127 Responses to Molluscum Contagiosum – The Molluscum Cure: Apple Cider Vinegar

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  2. Tamara says:

    So happy for your site. I have ACV experience when my then 6yr old had a huge planter wart. The DR. wanted to scrape it, which terrified my son, so I said No- not yet. The dr. looked at me funny, but I was a hero in my DS’s eyes. I came home and researched it. (I knew about duct tape.) I did the ACV for the hugeormus planter wart and 3-4 weeks later it was gone. Its been 2yrs and it hasn’t come back!!! Anyways. I just found out DD has molluscum. Urghh. I have been researching it, and since it worked so well with DS’s viral wart, I’m very excited to try this. Thank you for all the info. She’s had the bumbs for 2-3 weeks so Im not sure if they have matured, but will give it a go. There has to be something about ACV and virus’s. Too bad scientist’s wont try it on really bad virus’s. (: Thanks again frugality.

    • jrfrugal says:

      Tamara, I seriously look at Apple Cider Vinegar in a whole different way now, isn’t it amazing what wonders it can do. Thanks for the tip about the wart, I am sure other parents will find it helpful too. Good luck with getting rid of the Molluscum, I hope it will be gone in no time.

  3. Lane says:

    I’m a 14 year old, and I had M.C. for 3 months, and I used ACV treatment for about the weeks until it was all scabs. I have had no bumps or scabs for a full week. The only problem is I have dark scars left behind. They are all over my leg, and since I had a bad case, I have 150-200 red polka dots all on my left leg! How long till these scars fade?

  4. Audrey says:

    My 2 year old had one single bump on the crease of her neck/chest oh…close to a year ago probably. I left it alone, it looked like a skin tag! Her father had molluscum like, six years ago (I never got it) but I was familiar with the virus. I was afraid when she began to dig at it because it itched, that she would spread it, so I broke it myself and cleaned it with alcohol. Well, doing that to a toddler isn’t easy….she moved and blood got on her chin. Needless to say, about 4 or 5 more showed up in the general area within a week. I’ve been leaving it alone…its funny how in every single story I’ve read the ped tells the parent to just let it run its course. What the heck are they talking about? letting it run its course means A) it will get worse before it gets better and B) it will probably take years. That is just rediculous….a young child doesn’t understand not touching them they don’t understand what contagious means. It needs to be eradicated while there are only a handful, not hundreds (I know that’s not an option in many cases, but it is in mine) So after hours of careful research and hundreds of testimonials….I’m not gonna let this get worse. I’ve discovered that the one thing that works for most people, most of the time….is ACV. So, tonight I saturated the pads of little circular bandaids and and leaving them on her chin overnight. Two out of four are “mature” so I expect to see a change in them especially.The war has been waged! If I dont see improvement I will consider opening them before the ACV, and increasing the amt of ACV (like a cottonball rather than the bandaid pad). I’m so glad that I’m not the only one that had to go through this! It really causes alot of anxiety…every time she so much as brushes her chin…and I’m not gonna sit back and watch it get worse when there are several cheap, natural ways to go about attacking this head on. I just want to let you guys know that I appreciate your stories and ideas…If it weren’t for ppl like you I wouldn’t have known about this. This is the first night I’m trying it, but I’m confident that it’ll work.

  5. Martha says:

    Same as all the others…it’s been about a year…tried everything! My 7 year old was miserable, & we r talking about a tiny outbreak here, 9 total so far…the ACV works miracles! One night made me a true believer for her nastiest bump! One question…when do I stop? Should I wait till the bump is gone…right now the 3 biggest ones have popped, and oozed, they are like open wells, even bled a little…not planning anymore ACV on those….do I cover them? Thanx for any tips, and I would encourage the same thing u do, start slow but do it, it works! Also, I have read the unfiltered ACV works best….THANX!!!

  6. John says:

    Thank you so much for posting this we have been dealing with this for 8 months and getting the same response from our dr. And we’re completely fed up. We have been doing the acv treatment for 1 week now and almost all of the bumps on our daughter have scabed over and are healing well. Thank you so much again

  7. Sandra Galinanes says:

    Hi Again, I posted on your other blog as well. I have continued the treatment for my 3yr old son since my last post on May 4 (I started on May 3 2012) and have certainly seen a difference. Some have turned dark, but some have not. I am sad to say that my son’s skin has become a bit irritated and yesterday he screamed bloody murder. I still manage to out it on some of them. I am doing the ACV baths (regular bath tub with 8 cups of ACV), and that doesn’t seem to bother him. My questions are: How many ACV bath should I give him a day? Once they turn dark, do I need to treat them with SCV? AND When I put neosporin do I cover them up with a bandage, and should I put neosporin on all of them including the dark ones? Thank you so much for your post. I appreciate your help! 😉

    • JRFrugalMom says:

      Hi Sandra,

      I apologize for the delayed response, my boys have kept me busy busy for the past couple of days.

      It sounds like it is time to hold off with the direct cottonball treatment and just continue with the baths. My sons took 1 – 2 baths every day for about 2 – 3 weeks. I think I did about 1 week after the last MC bump scabbed over. The 8 cups of ACV in the bathtub sounds about right, and once they turn dark you do not have to treat them with the direct ACV treatment again.

      After my sons bumps started changing I no longer used bandages. Just dab a bit of neosporin with a q tip (use one qtip per bump, so you do not spread the MC). Not all of the bumps will react in the same way, but if you keep up with the baths from now on you should be able to get rid of everything.

      If your son still has bumps that have not started changing after two weeks of ACV baths, I would consider doing the direct cottonball treatment again. You only have to do it one night per bump though….

      I hope this helps.

  8. azgreengurl says:

    My daughter has several small molluscum bumps all over her torso. After finally getting it diagnosed today and not being happy with the options suggested by our ped (lancing the bumps or treating them with Retin-A), I am excited to give ACV a chance to fix this problem for her.

    However, in reading both of your posts and the responses from others, it seems like people are treating individual bumps with the cottonballs. My daughter’s molluscum are very small and concentrated and evenly spread across her torso. There is no way that I could treat individual bumps and I’m concerned about putting cotton balls on them because I feel there is no way to avoid them touching unaffected skin between the bumps.

    Did either of your sons have molluscum that manifested in this way? And if so, how did you apply the cottonballs effectively for these small bumps without irritating the healthy skin between them all?

    I also started giving her ACV baths tonight. Is 1/2 cup of ACV sufficient for a 5 year old in a regular sized tub or should I increase the amount?

    Even though I am doing the baths, I would really like to pair up both treatments for greater chances of effectiveness.

    Thank you so much for your posts and willingness to provide support to the rest of us dealing with this nasty, pervasive virus.

  9. Faith says:

    Our son had a bought with molluscum several years ago. Our dermatologist gave us a cream to put on the bumps, then we had to cover them with duct tape. The key is keeping the bumps covered so air cannot get to them. The duct tape helps peel off the dead skin that is killed in the process, much like your apple cider vinegar treatment. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Andrea says:

    My 2 year started with mc about 2 months ago with 2 spots on his torso about 10 days ago they started to go with out any treatment. He now has some new spots 2 on his forehead several on the back of his legs and some new ones near to were the original ones started. I was told by my Dr they would disappear in about 6 to 8 months without any treatment. i am willing to try the acv but unsure were to buy this from and how to go about using it on such a young child. any advise would be helpful. i live in the UK thank you

  11. john says:

    I have been battling the dreaded mc virus for 3 months now and have tried just about everything the doctors could recommend, i then however discovered this thread about a week and a half ago and i am becoming a believer, i have a few questions though

    i thought i had beat mc straight off the bat as i only had about 5 bumps, i bandaged them at night etc and by the next morning they begun to scab over…however a few days later more started appearing, it’s looking worse than what it was to start off with which is worrying me and I have burnt my self with the acv so i ahve to give it a rest for a few days but my question here is… does it get worse before it gets better? AND with some of my new bumps the acv has just turned them kind of flat and white, can someone tell me what this means? are they dead or do i still have to treat them ?

    I have also started taking immune system boosting pills to help fight it from the inside which i have read in other threads helps somewhat. I am just so frustrated and now kind of worried as the area infected looks like a bomb site

  12. chris says:

    hello thank you so much for posting this im sure it help a lot of a 26 male i had the same problem on my privet area i have about 2 bumps i went to the doctor and he told me its a Molluscum Contagiousum hes said it need to be burn or freez i realy dont have the money for that so i tried the ACV and the 2 bumps turned flat and black what should i do now? thank you so much

  13. Lilysmom says:

    I just wanted to thank you for taking time to blog about this. I recently lost my job and our insurance for my daughter and I. Not even a week later my daughter got a bump on her torso. I didn’t think much of it till they started appearing on her legs. i googled everywhere for days with no answers. i was so worried and was about pay full price to have her seen.

    I finally found it was MC, but no reasonable cure or answer till i found your post. so again,THANKYOU !!

  14. Tonja says:

    I’ve treated my son with ACV treatment for the past 2 weeks and they are flat and white. Do I just need for them to heal or do I continue to treat them? I stopped the baths because I was afraid they were spreading??? How do I treat one on his eyelid?

    • JRFrugalMom says:

      Tonja, I am glad to hear that the MC is reacting to the ACV. I would continue with the ACV baths until the MC is completely gone. The baths does pull out MC that has been dormant under the skin, and it can lay dormant for up to two weeks after an area has been affected, so I always advise to continue with the baths two weeks after the last bump is gone.

      • ConcernedMom says:

        So I am a concerned mother who (after reading all you and others have provided) is so anxious to get myself to a Walmart and get a bottle of ACV. It’s been one of those nights I just had somethings on my mind as I’m sure most moms do when one of their children is dealing with something that not even their doctor can tell you much about.:( So my 6 year old daughter has had these tiny bumps (that did not appear irritated) on her both inner thighs for about a month now. It was only recent I noticed one of those bumps seemed to become irritated and it was at that point I decided she should see her pediatrician. Her doctor was not very sure about the bumps at first and had other female skin specialists come in and look at her bumps and they each were certain it was MC (something I had never heard of.) As a concerned mom, I was with many questions but would sadly leave the office with a piece of paper explaining their almost certain diagnosis and my not so happy self (as they said there was no medication or treatment they could provide me with.) My daughter’s doctor did advise me not to let her share any of her towels but did not go deep into more detail about what I could try to help reduce let alone diminish my daughter’s bumps. Of course, that has left me so uncomfortable and with a burden in my heart to pursue other helpful advise. So here I am at 3 o’clock in the morning browsing, trying to do my own research and I am thanking GOD for putting in your heart the will to share of your own experiences. After a couple of hours of research, I am finding that I am not alone and that this skin disorder is in fact something that other children have dealt with. I am with some relief now and I’d like to add – – I believe more teaching and research should be in the interest of more pediatricians because it seems that many mothers are seeing this unusual rash take place in some of their children or are hearing about it for a first time (as myself) and could use more background on this skin disorder. So I wanted to write you and thank you for the time you took to get this site going (not even sure if this is a website or a blog. . .) and would like to follow up once I get the ACV treatment going with my daughter. Every bit of information you have provided has been so helpful and although I respect the feedback of my daughter’s pediatrician – – I am more anxious to put some of your provided home therapy to work. I will pray for a successful story as I would love to share my daughter’s testimony with others as well. I would also love to share any testimony results with my daughter’s physician if all heals up well in hopes to help another family in the future. May GOD bless you and continue to use your story to help others who are just as I am today (concerned. . . and with some hope now.):) Thanks a whole bunch again!!!

  15. Jordy says:

    Is it ok for a child to bath in the ACV water without it irritating sensitive body areas?

    • JRFrugalMom says:

      Jordy, it is of course up to each parent to decide whether to try the treatment or not, and if you are concerned I would say ask your doctor about it. I have used the ACV baths on a 1 year old and a 5 year old, and we saw no negative effects.

  16. Tita says:

    I can’t wait to use the ACV treatment on my son.

  17. Jagannath says:

    First off finding this forum has been so reassuring to deal with this dumb skin disease. I am so excited to be able to discuss this with people who are experiencing this and who can help me deal with this. I discovered that I had Molluscum Contagiosum about 1 months ago when I noticed some small white bumps right outside my genital part. later it went off but after a week i had around 10-12 bumps. I went to Doc and she freezed it and said Dont worry it will go off his own.

    I came back and did some online research about this Virus and found that it take lot of time and pain if we do not control this Virus at the first stage.

    Now i can see lot of small black and red colour Bumps popping up on my screen.(Are they really same ??).

    Can i use ACV when they are very small but noticable ?? For how long i need to put them on my skin ?
    Do i need to pop them out ?? I am confused as some says to POP out and some say Dont.

    I would really appreciate if you can answer my silly question as you went through this and i think you can better answer this.

    • JRFrugalMom says:

      Jagannath Molluscum bumps can look a bit different from other, and you may notice that the once you have on your body varies as well. Most often it is because of the different stages, and when the Molloscum is mature they usually become pimple like with a white center.

      Since your Molluscum is at the early stage, it may not be as receptive to the ACV treatment. If you are not successful the first time around, wait a few weeks and give it another try.

      As for popping the MC or not, I have also heard the different theories. Personally, I did not pop the MC bumps, but after ACV treatment some would start to ooze, and we would gently wipe away the oozing part. As always it is very important to avoid touching healthy skin with a cloth, paper, cottonball etc., which have touched the MC infected skin already.

      • Jagannath says:

        ok Thanks for your prompt responce, I will try once just to see if it is really affecting or not at this stage. In case if it doesnt work as you suggested i will wait and try after 2-3 weeks.

        I will be doing the below procedure, please correct me if i am wrong.

        1) Take a very small cotton swab, just the size of the molu.

        2) Put the soaked cotton on the molu.

        3) Seal it with a medical adhesive tape.

        4) After 6 hrs (once i wake up) i will remove the bandage and take a bath and will dry the body.

        5) Next night the same Procedure till the Molecule turns black and flattens completely.

        While going through your blog you mentioned to take a bath with ACV, could you please let me know how much ACV i need to put in a bath tub ???

        Thanks & Regards

        • JRFrugalMom says:

          It sounds like a good plan! Consistency is definitely the way to get the best results…

          As for a full bath, I usually recommend 7 cups of ACV. Adjust the amount if you use less water, or if you feel you need more ACV.

  18. Determined Mom says:

    My daughter has had molluscum for 11 months. This summer we read about your success with ACV, so we soaked and killed all of her spots at the time (about 50-60). In the 3 months since then, I have used a Q-tip soaked in ACV twice a day to dab on any new spots that show up. This is definitely keeping the molluscum under control – they appear as little red spots or clear circles, they do not get any bigger and after 2-3 weeks of ACV twice a day, they disappear. But new ones keep cropping up.

    We did not do the ACV baths at the time because of her busy schedule, but I think that’s the next step we need to try. I read that you used 7 cups of ACV in the bath. How long do you recommend soaking in the tub? Do you suggest soaking every night? I would be interested in any other details you have about the baths and any other advice about attacking this crazy virus. Thank you so much for taking the time to write about your experience. It has helped so much – it’s given me the hope that we can eventually beat this thing once and for all!

    • JRFrugalMom says:

      Determined mom after 11 months, I bet you are pretty determined to get rid of this insane virus! I am glad to hear that the ACV direct treatment is working, but yes it definitely sounds as if you need to introduce the ACV baths to get rid of this thing for good. I have only done the two treatments together, and with those we got rid of the MC in 2 – 3 weeks.

      As for the ACV baths: 7 cups to a full size tub, 1 cups to a smaller kids/baby tub. If you do not see any desired results, increase the amount a bit.

      After the bath, your daughter can rinse of quickly, but make sure that she does not rub with the towel once she dries (this spreads the virus). Air dry if possible!

      My kids took 1 – 2 baths a day of 15 – 30 minutes each…but they LOVE water:) It definitely changed things, and I would highly recommend a 20 minute bath every day if possible.

      I hope this helps! Do keep up with the direct treatment, as you want to attack the virus so aggressively with the ACV that the body ends up rejecting the virus.

      Keep up with the baths for up to 2 weeks after the last MC bumps reacts to the treatment, as the MC can lay dormant under the skin for up to 2 weeks, and you DO NOT want the virus to reappear.

      Good luck, and please let us know how the baths work for your daughter.

  19. Determined Mom says:

    Thanks so much for your response. Also, did you use distilled ACV or raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized ACV?

  20. ANN*H says:

    Whoa you got lots of responses on the page you did for this. I have never really heard of it before but it is good to learn about it and your experience with the apple cider vinegar treatment. Im all for using things other than expensive creams etc. there lots out there but no one tells us about them. thanks

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  22. April says:

    I am sitting here crying reading this, my 4 year old daughter has been dealing with Molluscum for over 18 months, I am so so frustrated, 1-2 will go away and then another one pops up, seem to be mostly in her abdomen area, behind her legs and at her elbow, also a few between her but cheeks, I am so so frustrated, a little scared to start ACV, I don’t want these to scar her skin, any suggestions for that?

    Please help!

    • JRFrugalMom says:

      April, I completely understand. It such a frustrating virus, and that feeling of being helpless and getting no help from the doctors is just horrendous. If your daughter has had Molluscum for 18 months already, there is a great chance that she will react just like my kids did to the ACV treatment, so I really do hope this is the solution you have been looking for

      As for the scarring, the best advice I can give is to be watchful. Only do a couple of bumps at a time with the direct treatment, and instead focus on the ACV baths (Make sure to do both treatments though, as this is what really seems to be effective). Also, make sure to use neosporin, as you want to prevent an infection, and if you are like me buy the store brand scarring cream just as a precaution.

      Good luck April, and please come back to let us know if it works for your daughter.

      • April says:

        Thank you, I tried the ACV tonight and she wouldn’t even let me get the band aid on one bump, not sure what to do???? I did put some on using a q-tip but not sure if that’s effective or not. Gosh I just hate this, will it ever go away????? So in regards to the bath, do I just fill up her bath normally like I would or do I need to put a specific amount of water to a specific amount of ACV? What if she splashed around and it gets in her eyes???? The ACV should not burn on unopened MC right? Did your kids ever have them on their face? If so, how did you treat that? Thanks for all your words of wisdom, it’s nice to have a place to go and vent.

      • April says:

        Also, if I see the white pussy stuff in the middle is this a good sign? One over the weekend was like this and no it’s red and scabbed over but also has like a rash around the area, what should I do about this?

  23. Nicole says:

    I read this on Thursday and started on Friday. So two treatments so far plus one bath. Already something is happening. The bumps got really ANGRY looking. Then many got more of a white head and some turned black in middle. My 5 year old girl has about 50-60 on her backs of knees and bottom. so this might take some time. Im hoping this works. Do you stop treating black ones with direct nightly acv? Thank you so much for posting so much detail.

    • JRFrugalMom says:

      Nicole, angry is good:) That means that the bumps are reacting. I only treated each bump once with the direct treatment, and then I just kept on with the ACV baths. Since your daughter has so many bumps, just choose a couple every night that look as if they are mature (with the pimple-like middle).

      Good luck!

      • nicole says:

        Thank you so much for your reply. I know you are getting so many and repeating yourself often. I have read your post and all the comments now so I think I got it all around. ha ha

        Many of the mature bumps got treated directly two times. Possibly I over did it. Fortunately, her surrounding skin appears ok. I now know that it takes a tiny, tiny piece of cotton to cover the head of the bump only. I will start your advice of only a few bumps at a time. I actually think we are close to done with the mature bumps but a few more new ones are appearing like you mentioned may happen from the baths. As I said, it will be a process. Although I sure like the idea of treating one or tow vs 20-30 per night.

        I had the lucky task of informing her daycare today and asking if she can use a separate bathroom for the next week, because I don’t want all the other kids to get it, since there are so many newly ‘errupting’ bumps. They were great about it so far. We will skip swimming as well for a while.

        Thank you again. This really appears to work. I will be informing our dermatologist this week when I see her. (she is also my friend)

        One side-effect. Every itch I get I think I have it. Ha ha

        • nicole says:

          One more thing I would mention for other readers is my daughter starting getting these in early September and they were in an area that had eczema. She only had a bout 8 or so then. We treated the eczema and we only had 6-8 mollucum which then “exploded”over the next two months.

          • Amy says:

            Oh my. We just started my son on the ACV treatment 4 days ago. He has eczema as well. We all thought it was his eczema and it has exploded too! I wish he would have told me sooner as he had some on his belly and he thought they were zits… Poor kid can’t catch a break. AND every itch I feel….I think I have it too. Who knows…I had rubbed his arm a few times not understanding what we were dealing with. It’s been an emotional time for both of us as he hates his eczema and is embarrassed. I try to be positive that we will whip this in no time! It’s so hard. 🙁

  24. Was Feeling Terrible says:

    I recently have gotten diagnosed with Molluscum, and I am a very proative person (maybe because it was on my genitals). I am 25, and I wanted to get rid of this ASAP. So I searched the internet relentlessly until I came across this forum and have been following it closely. Three days ago I started the ACV treatment on my one and only mature Molly bump, the next morning it was changed completely from a pimple like to all black. It seems as though now it is scabbing over and healing, though im not sure yet. I’ve been continuing with the bandaids/cottonball soaked in ACV everynight and I will keep everyone updated on my progress. Im going to start the ACV baths myself to help combat the smaller bumps (which im not sure are ACV but ill be defensive). Right now my store only had small bottles of ACV so i’m going to get some jugs ASAP.

    All in all, it seems to be working, I advise anyone to give it a try, as my doctor just told me to wait just like everyone else.

    Good luck!

    • I hate this says:

      Did the baths work for you?

      • Was Feeling Terrible says:

        Unfortunately I live in a small town and was never able to purchase the quantity of ACV required for full baths, so i’ve been taking them sparsely. I’m still fighting with this virus, and still diligent with the cottonball treatment and it is working and killing every bump I use it on. I have yet to get this of this wretched virus though.. are you also struggling with this?

  25. Almost gone says:

    Tea tree is good to keep the little buggers at bay. Everyday, we put it on 3 times and they disappear slowly, and if we are on it, do not reccur. But it is slow, and so sometimes we laspe, and get a few more…so i got one on my tummy, and then was reminded that yes ACV does work, and is the way to get rid of them.

  26. Shan says:

    Really getting frustrated and upset as my little boy (20months) has molluscum for about 4 months now.
    Doctor only suggested to let it be and it will go away on its own but it started spreading
    I had rubbed a bit of Sudocrem on one of the spots when it first came up n noticed it was drying up in comparison to the others and so i started applying to all the spots and within a couple of weeks it looked liked they had all dried up and were on its way out!!
    But only a few days ago did i notice that my poor baby is getting some new tiny bumps and his old ones are itching again….aarrggghhhhhh
    Am now goin to try ACV bath and mayb one spot with cottonball treatment to see if it helps….i hope n pray it does
    Will keep everyone updated and thank you to all mothers for sharing their stories!!

    • Shan says:

      So have been doing a daily ACV bath and then spot bandaid treatment for 2 days…
      The spots where I had applied ACV and put bandaid on has definitely changed colour and seems to be drying up much faster than the other spots.
      Although my little boy isnt enjoying his ACV at all…think its stinging him or something but he usually loves his bathtime but has cried a lot both times I gave him an ACV bath so i think i may stop that and just continue the spot treatment.
      I am also still applying Sudocrem to any new tiny spots that are appearing as i still beleive this has played a big part in drying up his first burst of molluscum spots and the little spots remain small n fade away with the application of Sudocrem.
      Am just wondering how long I have to continue doing this before we can get rid of it for good…how do u know its gone forever??

      • JRFrugalMom says:

        Shan, I am glad to hear that it seem to be working. I did the spot treatment for a few days and the ACV baths for 2-3 weeks before all the bumps disappeared on my sons. The time needed varies from patient to patient, and the most important thing is to be consistent and not give up until that last bump is gone….and that’s how you will know that it is gone.

        • Shan says:

          Ok so another update. As mentioned previously we had stopped doing the ACV bath as this irritated my toddler but contnued the spot treatment with bandaid cover…took a whole bunch of the bandaid off today (which wasnt easy n had to use baby oil to remove the plaster)…and underneath most of the bumps have turned a dark colour n seems to have dried up. However, the area surrounding the bandaid was quite red and i noticed some new spots around them…does anyone know why this has happened?
          I havent done any bandaids today only cotton ball soaks with ACV on the spots and then i have applied a layer or sudocrem.
          I noticed a lot of new bumps on his back n arms today which has really set me back…do i continue or what??
          Have doc appointment tomorrow so we can get a referral for a specialist.
          Will continue with the acv cotton ball soak n using sudocrem but dont think i’ll be using bandaid as this seems to have triggered a lot more bumps for my lil boy…
          Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  27. Nicole says:

    My daughter is finally almost all cleared up. We did spot acv treatments on every mature bump as they appeared and finally are winding down,. Another thing i saw somewhere was a woman said she went to beach for a week with her child and that really helped. We happened to go to hawaii for a week in early fed and it HELPED A TON! It made all the bumps flare at once. Looked terrible but got them all at once. Right now she has 5-6 healing and not sur if more are on they way but dont see them yet. Wish me luck. All of the old scars are gone. Its been about seven months.

  28. GRISELDA says:

    I started my daughter on the ACV treatment with the cotton balls but it irritated her skin so I now only bathe her with the ACV. Does anyone know if this will work all by itself ? Obviously it will take a bit longer, the bumps turn white and some have scabbed over but not as fast as the ones I had applied over night. I did take a break because of how irritated her skin was.

    • Was Feeling Terrible says:

      Personally in my experience my baths haven’t been powerful enough to make a great impact on my bumps. Partially due to the fact that i’m not able to get the quantity of ACV that I need for a full bath. The cottonball direct treatment does irritate some of my skin as well, but it definitely does the trick and kills the bumps overnight. I suggest you keep with both treatments if you can..

      • JRFrugalMom says:

        I agree, if possible do both. However, keeping up with the ACV baths is the most important. I only did the direct treatment for a few days on each boys and only a few bumps at a time…after that I just did the baths for about 10 – 14 days, and this got rid of the virus.

  29. Griselda says:

    It’s been a week since I started the ACV baths, my daughter had MC around her knees, but now there are little tiny red bumps appearing on her arms. Is this MC too ? Are these going to get big too ? I didn’t think she had them anywhere else, I can’t keep these covered with clothing because it is too hot these days.

    • JRFrugalMom says:

      Griselda, these new bumps may very well have been MC bumps that were dormant under your daughter’s skin just waiting to come out. The ACV baths have a tendency of pulling out more bumps, but the good news is that they should not get as big as the regular bumps, and they should disappear faster as long as you keep up the ACV baths.

  30. Griselda says:

    So it has been 2 weeks since I started the ACV baths, I had mentioned that after week one I noticed bumps around the elbows. Now there appears to be like 15 to 20 on each elbow. I am really freaking out as now it’s more then I originally thought. Her knees were the original area that I treated with direct ACV with cotton balls but not the elbow ones those don’t look the same. They are red and raised. Do I stop treatment or do I continue ? It just seems every time I do a new bath she gets worse. Is this normal ? I know you mentioned patience but I feel so bad. How long did it take for all of them to go away ? How do I know they are going away ? Thank You again for any input.

    • JRFrugalMom says:

      Griselda, how do the original MC bumps react to the ACV baths? Are they reacting differently than the new bumps? After two weeks of treatment these new bumps should have disappeared or at least be in the process of doing so, if not it could be an allergic reaction. So, if they are showing no signs of disappearing, I suggest that you stop the ACV baths for a week or so to watch for any changes.

      It is normal for the MC to appear to get worse after the ACV baths, as the ACV draws out any bumps that has been dormant under the skin…and would eventually have come out at some point any way.

  31. Linda says:

    So glad I got to read this thread.
    Thanks for the most useful advise on my dd’s disasterous mc.
    She had so many little bumps on her elbow and her knees and it was spreading really fast.

    I saw the doctor and he said the samething. No cure.
    But I found this site that night after spending few hours on net.

    During the day I tried sudocrem and I taped the areas.
    And gave her the acv bath and applied cotton balls soaked with acv and taped them. I didn’t leave them for long, just 20 minutes.
    It seemed to burn the spots and they immediately became red and some blistered.

    After a few days now, spots are now disappearing !!!!!!

    Sudocrem and acv really works!!!

  32. Al says:

    The following is a letter I just sent out to our pediatric dermatologist….

    Dr. D,
    You probably remember our family – we brought our son to see you on Feb. 6. He had over 200 molluscum at the time and cried horribly when you treated him. I wanted to let you know about our molluscum success story…..The day of our appointment, I knew the curettage was not for us. Ethan could not handle being strapped down and scraped. It scared him way too much. Within 24 hours of having our appointment, I also knew we would not do the “water drops” again. My son was in horrible pain and could not walk properly due to the location of his blisters. I became a very determined mother who would never stop searching for a less painful solution to this terrible skin condition. I spoke to several people, read hundreds of stories online, and prayed more than I have prayed in years. In the end, I found a combination of things that worked for Ethan. On a daily basis, Ethan soaked for 20 min. in a tub containing water and a 1/2 gallon of apple cider vinegar. I would never rub his skin dry, but only blot it after his bath. I put ZERO lotion on his body as it seemed that the molluscum was thriving on the moist skin environment. After a bath, I would inspect his skin and if any of the molluscum had a white center, I would put a tiny dot of clear fingernail polish on it. This served 2 purposes: it dried out the molluscum in 24-48 hours and it acted as a barrier between the molluscum and clothing or other people. The 3rd step was to spray his entire body with Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield (more about this product later). When I did see a few dots appearing on Ethan’s face, I immediately would use a q-tip to moisten just the dot with apple cider vinegar. These molluscum never matured and disappeared within a week. All of these steps were taken to combat the molluscum externally, but I also knew that I needed to fight the virus internally as well. I put Ethan on a daily regimen of Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield (colloidal silver) and VS-C, both taken by mouth. Both of these products support the immune system and act as antiviral and antibacterial forces within the body. Within 3 weeks of our appointment, Ethan’s molluscum were drying up and disappearing. Today, it has been almost 3 months and Ethan’s skin is beautiful. I send you this long story with the hope that you will pass it on to other mothers like me. I have never felt so hopeless in my life than when my son and I were faced with molluscum. Pediatricians say to leave it alone and it will go away, but never do they tell you what can happen in the meantime and how long it can take to go away. I say that no child should have to be uncomfortable, in pain, embarrassed, or left out of activities because of this skin condition. I am a firm believer in these two Nature’s Sunshine products and must credit a fellow mom at for giving me the idea to use apple cider vinegar. What a gift she has given to my family and especially my son!

  33. Karen says:

    Thank you!!! I will be starting this today for my girls. My 4 1/2 year old has been suffering with these things on her butt for at least 2 years now. Her pediatrician talked me into doig the treatment with beetle serum and the first time it helped a little, the second time in was pure torture. The worst thing I ever did to my child and the most helpless feeling ever. So I supped doing much of anything except putting Eucerin on every night and coconut oil. Then we went to a hot spring a few weeks ago on vacation. This was the first time that any of the bumps cleared from my older daughter’s legs. We went back a second day and it helped again. Unfortunately we do not have a hot spring where I live in NY so we could no continue with this “treatment”. On the way home from our trip I sat next to a fellow health educator who told me all of the amazing uses for ACV that her mother has. That was when I decided to research ACV for Molluscum. So glad I found you and can’t wait to bath them in it this afternoon!!!

  34. Renae says:

    Did the scars go away eventually

  35. helpxo says:

    I’m still battling MC after contracting it in Fall 2011. Like everyone else, I was misinformed how contagious this virus is, so I wasn’t concerned at first & kept shaving. Big mistake. I spread it to my legs and further around my private area. I’m so thankful I found this blog & the ACV tx certainly made a huge difference & caused my body to recognize the virus a little better. However, due to the scarring & difficulty of treating spots on my private area, I stopped the ACV tx besides occasionally treating one or two spots until they die. Good news: recently I discovered that if I put Vitamin E oil on the spots with a cotton ball & let it soak in every night consistently for a few nights in a row it seems to help the spots decrease in size! I got the vitamin E oil at Trader Joe’s if anyone else is interested in trying it! I’m not sure if this due to the fact that the virus has been in my body for so long & that’s why it’s working or if the oil makes a difference, but it’s worth a try! Try to stay positive everyone! Take a daily vitamin, exercise, eat healthy & stay positive! Our thoughts are very powerful & impact our immune system quite a bit.

    • helpxo says:

      I forgot to mention that the Vitamin E oil is oderless, painless, & soaks in within 2-3 minutes. Figured I’d add that since I noticed a lot of mothers posting on behalf of their babies or young children.

  36. Anon. says:

    I’m about to start this treatment. I’ve had mulluscum for about 8 months now. At first I thought I just had like folliculitus (my university doctor miss diagnosed it) she told me to scrub them alot and they’d go away, and they spread so quickly after that. My mom finally took me to a dermatologist and the first medicine he gave me just left me with giant scars covering 70% of my legs, but most of the bumps are still alive among the scars. That medicine was about 60 dollars a bottle and is to be applied every night. I then had to wrap my legs in cellophane after applying and put Aquifer on my legs during the day. My parents got insurance a few weeks back so we got the medicine that cost about 3,200 dollars without insurance. This stuff comes in two little tubes per box and each tube barely covers the biggest bumps on each leg, it takes both tubes and the smaller bumps have to stay untreated because there is not enough medicine in the tubes. This medicine makes huge blisters anywhere you apply it so you have to be careful not to get it on any clear skin, and the blisters hurt very bad. The blisters last about a week and you put this medicine on once a week. After applying this medicine you have to let it dry then cover it with clear nail polish and put aquifer on your legs at night and lotion on them in the morning. I’m so glad you wrote about this ACV treatment. I’m in college and wanted to spend my summer working, and working out, and bettering myself and prepping for the return to school, but after work my blisters and scars are hurting so bad that i can’t do any running or working out, and i have to wear jeans outside during my job in 108 degreee average weather. I’ve been to the point of tears almost all summer stressing over this. I haven’t been able to go sleep over with any friends or go to the swimming pool because my legs looks so embarrassing at this point, you can’t shave over the blisters so i have scarred up, poky, giant blistered legs that still are covered in the bumps and i see new ones comming up all the time. Until now i thought it was a losing battle and i’ve been devastated and embarrassed. Your blog has given be hope that maybe i can get this to go away and have a normal life back. That sounds dramatic but a 19 year old girl with this really cannot have the summer that most can. I’m hoping by my return to school in August my legs will be returned to their former state. Thank you so much for sharing all of this, i’m really excited and hopeful, thank you so so so so so very much.

  37. Lisa says:

    Can I just say that I am so pleased to have found this about MC! My 7 year old daughter had these and they were awful , big red ucky things on her legs. One Dr diagnosed in grown hairs and told me to squeeze them and get all the yellow out which not
    knowing about MC I did with my poor daughter screaming in pain and me thinking I’m doing right they obviously didn’t go but spread, I took her to another Dr who said stop squeezing and they will go in about 18 months they are MC. So after searching the net found you and oh my word does Cider vinegar work after 2 weeks the ones that had come up are healed with tiny scars which will fade and the new ones are being kept at bay but I know once they flair up again I can treat them with Apple cider vinegar , Thank you .

  38. Leah says:

    Are you using just any apple cider vinegar or does it need to be raw unfiltered?

  39. Amber says:

    Thank you so much!!!! We have been battling this for about 9 months and have seen a doctor , who said that it is not contagious. Yesterday my NICU RN friend (I only put that in because sometimes the nurses are more accepting of the “mom remedies”), saw the bumps on my daughter…she immediately told me all about them. I’m so devastated about allowing my daughter to live with this for so long and not doing anything about it. I’ve told her about the ACV and also Tagamet (which I’ve heard is good too) and she was beaming just to hear that there MIGHT be a solution. Thank you soooo much!!!!!!

    • JR Frugalmom says:

      Amber, our son’s doctor told us the same exact thing…not contagious!!!! Crazy, isn’t it? I sure hope that the ACV treatment works for you and your daughter. Makes sure to read through the comments here as well, as there are so much great advice from parents just like you and me, who have dealt with this crazy virus. Good luck! I’d love to hear how the ACV treatment works for you too, sometimes we parents need to stick together to help each other, when the medical community cannot.

  40. jessi says:

    Hello.My 19 month has MC. She has had it since Jan when I found 1 spot. The Dr. said to wait and leave it alone. I hate him for this ….she now has tons! I have been doing bentonite clay with ACV, and some of the spots were bursting. She doesn’t care for the “mud baths” much. I came across your blog and gave her a bath last night, and we will continue also with the bandaids with the ACV. Her back looks awful, for at least 4 are on their way out and the bandaids/tape/everything leaves her skin raw. I was wondering, I am using tea tree with coconut oil on the rest of her skin because it’s so dry…what do you think? She has a couple on her face that are really small but her neck has a ton…so I am soaking a cloth and putting it around her neck in hopes it’ll help. I am so frustrated and angry at myself…..anyways I will let you know how it goes…thank you for saying not to give up. Jessi

  41. Cwally says:

    Thank you so much for this! My 4 year old had an extensive case of moluscum on his stomach, arms, and legs. We solely did apple cider vinegar baths with him and the warts were gone in 2 weeks. We used 64 ounces of vinegar in about 5-6 inches of water in a normal size bath tub (just enough water to cover the warts) and had him lay on his stomach for 20 minutes each night. We called them his tadpole baths and let him watch tv. Best thing ever!

    • JR FrugalMom says:

      Cwally, I am so thrilled to hear that the ACV treatment worked on your son – fantastic! Aren’t you excited to be rid of this crazy thing? I don’t ever want to have to deal with it again…

  42. Kim says:

    Can I out both my kids in the same ACV bath?

    • jrfrugal says:

      Kim, I’d definitely not recommend putting the two kids in the same ACV bath.

      • jrfrugal says:

        Molluscum is so contagious that a person can infect different areas of his or her own body, simply by scratching an infected area and touching another…which is why I would not risk it with two kids in the ACV bath.

  43. April Lynn says:

    After the bumps turn blackish in color and look like they are scabbed, should I continue the ACV treatment? I know that it will cause stinging but I am willing to do it if it will help. I’m just un sure as too where to go next.


  44. April Lynn says:

    I have been doing the ACV treatment and the bumps have turned blackish and look like they are beginning to scab. Should I keep putting on the ACV? I understand it will be quite painful and sting but I am willing to do it if it will help! How do I move forward when they are blackened?


  45. It's working! says:

    Thank you so much for this and for continuing to answer these questions for so long. I have read all the comments and appreciate everyone’s feedback. I have treated the spots and it is working! I guess we will start the baths tomorrow. My question- my sons skin is very red (burned?) and irritated around the area of the sores- I guess my ACV balls were too big. I feel terrible and am afraid I have scarred him. Any advice on how to treat that and do burns from ACV go away? Thank you!!

  46. Mistie says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for your story and everyone’s comments. I’ve been coming to your website almost every night to read comments on both stories. After 1 1/2 weeks of only direct tx 2xday, the new small bumps and one of the larger ones turned black on my 20mon olds leg!!!! The mother bump and the other larger ones have not. Unfortunately, I did not know about the powerful burning effects on healthy skin and now have a very large square patch of skin that looks very red.Today I started the bath tx for 20min and direct tx right after on the main bumps-I will continue to do this everyday and hope that they go away. I have a few questions if anyone can answer. Do they all need to turn black to start healing? And after the bath I noticed the scabs on the larger bumps, that have not turned black, came off. Will the bumps still start to heal with them remoistened? I keep all the bumps isolated under cotton with 3M nexcare flexible tape over top, should I not and let them dry out?

    On a side note: our ped diagnosed MC right away, but told me about it like it was no big deal and it would go away in 6-8mon and to keep it covered so the bumps are not scratched and it spread. My brother in law, who is also a ped, looked at it after a week of ACV tx and said he probably wouldn’t have diagnosed it as MC…crazy huh. He did tell us to keep using the ACV and see if it does anything.

    Thanks again!

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  48. AngelaJ says:

    Just wanted to say Thank You for sharing your story! My 9 yr old daughter had MC for over a year and we had them scraped at the dermatologist office and it was terrible, left scars too. I knew the curette scraping was too painful and had to stop. We bought expensive cream that was for adults ( didn’t realize until already purchased in fine print of pamphlet) and I decided I wasn’t comfortable using that scary sounding stuff on my little girl. I started researching and found your blog. We did the baths for a little over 2 weeks and they all went away. It has been over a year and she is still MC free!!!! To all you moms out there desperate to find something that will get rid of them, please try this, it’s the only thing that worked for us. Do it, every night!! It will work!!

  49. Kellie says:

    When you do the ACV bath, should I go ahead and bathe him first (wash hair & body with soap), then soak in the ACV bath? And, how long do you soak?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Kellie,
      I did daily 30 minute ACV baths for my children separate from their soap baths. I followed the ACV baths with the cotton ball treatment and they have been 100% Molluscum-free since January. Be diligent and don’t give up!

  50. jasmine says:

    I recently got diagnosed with molluscum by by gyn after I came to her after the pimples appeared on the lower parts of my buttock near my genital area. My gyn prescribed me condylox- a tiny tube that cost me sixty dollar and did nothing if made it worst. So I did research and found out about tree oil and acv. I bought tree oil soap and acv. I washed with the soap and soaked the medical gauge with acv and taped them to the affect area and left it overnight. After the first day almost all of the had developed a white head and some had turned black. It stung like hell though, so wouldn’t recommend trying this way on younger children but for adults who want quicker results. I honestly don’t know if the tree oil soap made a difference.

  51. JF says:

    Thank you for your blog. I’ve had MC for almost a year now. This is not only a physical ailment but it plays with your mind and emotions as well. The dermatologist has prescribed expensive creams, frozen them, burnt them and nothing. I came across your blog last night while looking for a cure and started it right away. This morning I saw that some turned white.

    Question, when I take off the ACV cotton balls in the morning, should I be covering the bumps with band aids or any cream so that I don’t irritate them or allow them to spread during the day?
    Thank you again I am so hopeful that this will be my miracle cure.
    I’ll keep reading for your answer as well as stories from others.

    • JR FrugalMom says:

      JF I’m so sorry to hear that you had to deal with this for so long. I hope the ACV is your final anwer. From my experience, I would not be covering up the bumps with bandaids after you remove the cottonballs, it will just irritate the skin more. Instead, just make sure that you cover up the affected areas with clothing as much as you can. (long sleeves/long pants) The most important part is being consistent in the treatment – you want to be more fierce than the Molluscum.

      • paul says:

        I just came across this website while trying to figure out how to stop this on our 2 yr old son. I saw the scars that are left after the scabs. Did these also clear up? What should we use? He has them on his face and body. Also one on the tip of his eye lid by his lashes. We do not want him to be scarred all over. Any input would be great. Thanks.

        • Heather says:

          I so hope people from this blog still respond even though its almost a year later after you wrote. I wanted to ask you specifically since you mentioned the face and eyelids. WHat did you end up doing?

          • jrfrugal says:

            Heather, fortunately our boys did not have any bumps in the eye area, and I really want to emphasize caution when treating the area around the eyes. I am not a doctor, and I recommend that you check with your doctor before you start any treatment in the eye area. I do know that others have mentioned that they’ve treated sensitive areas such as this by using a q tip dipped slightly in a vinegar/water solution. But again, I want to tell you to be careful and make sure nothing drips in your eyes. It would definitely be a good idea to check with your doctor, to see what he recommends.

  52. Darien Fremont says:

    I have had a battle royal with these bumps. I have been to doctor after doctor with absolutely no success. I finally got so crazed I read online about ‘anal pimples’ and the whole world opened up for me. The ACV is he answer. I also got Tagamet which I take twice a day and I use Dead Sea Mineral salts as well on the affected areas. These treatments have caused these cysts as I call them to appear out of my skin in ways I never knew possible. Every time look around I need another treatment being I have had them for so long, over six years. But I know I am winning the war against ‘butt pimples’ as I so fondly like to refer to them even though I have had them everywhere. I like to tell people about MC because no one knows about it.

    Take care, Darien

  53. Darien Fremont says:

    I also want to add I put the ACV into a spray bottle and it’s easier to use quickly either directly onto the skin and then wipe or onto a paper towel and apply the towel to the skin.

  54. emily says:

    I had a couple of questions. Maybe you can email your answers if you have time. I have two kids: 4 and 1/2 and both have moluscum. We have been using zymaderm for 3 months now on both of them as they both have it and it is working, although slowely. I am going to try this apple cider method this week. My question is though, my 18 month of has the bumps around her neck. Is it safe to put it there?

  55. Lauren says:

    Dear frugal mom,
    I want to start out by saying thank you! This method has already scabbed my large molloscum and it’s only day 4! Although I have a couple questions:

    *Should I clean out the baby tub with antibacterial soap after every use?
    *Concerning the cotton ball treatment, I’m forced to keep covering some black ones because they’re so close to white ones. Is this okay?

    This has been a blessing! Fastest molloscum treatment ever! I’m now feeling more hopeful for the future. 🙂


    • jrfrugal says:

      Lauren, I’m so happy to hear that you are seeing changes. As for your questions. I did not do anything to the baby tub other than rinse it out after use. As for the cotton balls, as long as you try to prevent the cotton ball from covering any healthy skin you should be good. Good luck, I hope you’ll soon be Molluscum free. Keep up the good work!

  56. cami says:

    I posted some comments on your original post but thought this question might be more appropriate for this one. How long did you attempt the ACV method with your second son before you decided it wasn’t working?

    I’ve been doing the baths with my toddler and preschooler for about a week but I’m thinking of stopping for now. My daughter just got hers and I’m not seeing any changes and hers are way too small for the direct method. My sons were treated with zymaderm and he doesn’t have any hangers, just new ones that pop up now and then and I haven’t noticed any difference with the ACV baths, his new ones always showed up at night after his bath (ACV or regular) and last night I didn’t do one because he was sick and no knew ones so I’m wondering if just avoiding baths as long as possible might not be best. Don’t know, I wanted to give the ACV baths a full two weeks but just don’t know if there is a point and am getting exhausted trying to do this with two kids everyday.

    • jrfrugal says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that the ACV baths aren’t working Cami. I think I did a little more than a week, but gave up after not seeing any changes. Then I waited about a month, as the bumps seemed to mature, and this time all MC bumps were gone after 2 weeks of ACV baths and direct cottonball treatment.

      I hope this help. I know it is frustrating, and all I can do is to encourage you to start up again in a month or so, or if you start seeing any bumps that begin to look like pimples with whiteheads in the middle.

      • Cami says:

        Thanks JRF, I think I pretty much am done for now, though I’m not giving up fighting this, and if I see any mature MC I’ll definitely revisit this method (I now have a stockpile of ACV!). I’m considering seeing a dermatologist for a second opinion on my daughters, hers are teeny tiny white heads, but that’s all they are, there is no raised pimple like area, so I’m not 100% sure if they are MC despite what the pediatrician said and if they are they might be able to just scrape them off fairly easily due to there extremely small size. With my son I’m actually going to try to go a week without a bath (luckily it’s fall and we’re not getting very dirty and he doesn’t have much hair yet) and see if that makes a difference (no new bumps). His first bath after likely will be an ACV one though! Once again I appreciate you posting your experience, this is a dark, lonely and stressful time for a parent and any hope and information is desperately needed!

  57. Amber says:

    Thank you for addressing such a difficult, frustrating topic with little to no awareness or help out there! We have been dealing with this diligently for about 6 months and what was 10 bumps in a cluster on my 7 year olds knee is tiny immature bumps ALL over. I’ve been hesitant to do the baths but I rub him down with ACV before he showers and then do the cotton balls. I wash his towels and linens daily. The mature ones in his knee have been clearing right up but no signs of improvement on all the little ones. My concerns with the baths are a) the ruptured big ones from his knee spreading and b) a large amount of the immature bumps are on his cheeks. Please if you gave any advice on how to treat those before they mature as they are impossible to cover!! Should I start the baths and not worry about the spreading? Thank you so so much for this forum it’s so true this is so emotionally difficult as a mom!

    • Amber says:

      If anyone has any ideas of how to treat immature Molluscum on the face with ACV or otherwise please let me know!

      • JR FrugalMom says:

        Amber, I’ve not tried this myself, but I have seen several people comment here or on one of the other posts about using a q tip with ACV (a new q tip for each bump to prevent spreading) to apply it to each bump in areas such as the face….not anywhere near the eyes though. If you read through the comments on this or the other posts, and search for the q tip or “face”, I’m sure you’ll find more help.

  58. Jill says:

    I am trying ACV tonight. I’ve been using tea tree oil for a couple of weeks now, and am getting impatient because new bumps keep forming, and only one of the bumps has ‘burst’ (it was the largest one).

    What I’m concerned about is the fact that so many of the articles I’ve read say to absolutely NOT soak in a bath as the disease loves being wet and warm. What do you say about that? I’m sooooo confused. This is the most irritating thing!

    Also, having this in the pubic area when you live alone is a nightmare!! I’ve tried to take pictures with my iphone so I can see what’s going on, and now I”m using a mirror and a flashlight. It is SO hard to deal with this yourself when they are in a spot where you can’t readily see them. Any suggestions for that?

    Thanks for your time!!

    • JR FrugalMom says:

      Jill, all I can say is that the ACV baths combined with the direct cottonball treatment helped me get rid of this virus when two of my boys had it. It took a lot of patience, a lot of work and a lot of diligence, but a couple of weeks later we beat it. I hope you do too!

      • Jill says:

        So, now a month later, and I’m still battling. Just when I think I have it beat (or close to beat), more appear. Crazy little buggers too because they seem to all be different.

        The tea tree oil that I’ve applied really seems to help, but it takes forever. I also never know whether to cover them or not.

        I tried the ACV on one of the bumps, for one night, and there was absolutely no change in the bump, so I didn’t try it again. Now that I’m desperate, I may try the ACV again.

        Here’s another question – should you cover the bumps during the day while you’re not “soaking” them? Should you ALWAYS cover a bump that has a white center looking ready to pop? What about one that has already popped, and is red and yucky – cover it with a bandage during the day? I fear that if I don’t cover every single one, that I’m spreading them (via contact with my underwear, and rubbing against my skin”). My poor skin by the way. So many badages, so hard to remove from such a sensitive area. (By the way – in case anyone wants a quick tip – eye makeup remover on a cotton ball around the bandages helps the adhesive to come off).

        I’m wondering if I should try the baths, but if more come out (which I think is a possibility since lots of people mention that more appear after baths) I think I will go berzerk. I’m already there. I’ve cried over this, been late for work over this, it’s basically ruined my ‘new’ relationship. I’m so flippin over this!!!!

  59. Yelda says:

    Hi. I am getting really worried about the bumps my son has on the back of his legs. It’s been 2nights we have been doing the ACV and my sons heathy skin is irritated and scabing over. Should I roll a tiny cotton ball the size of the bumps and just apply that directly on the bumps??? Please help.

  60. ConcernedMom says:


  61. jrfrugal says:

    Concerned Mom, thank you so much for your kind words. It really puzzles me that the medical community still seems to think that Mc cannot be treated except for with painful, expensive treatments that might or might not work to begin with.

    I hope the ACV treatment is helping your daughter, and that you will soon be able to look back on this time only with more knowledge. It is so frustrating, when you are in the middle of it, and I can surely recognize staying up night after night worrying about it.

  62. Ramona says:

    Grateful for this blog! Our MC ordeal began last year in I believe April my then three yr old had one bump and a couple months later had a few more. Long story short dr finally diagnosed her with MC and by June they were beginning to spread like crazy. I tried ACV with bandages back then and it worked but it burned her badly so I switcjed to coconut oil which also does the trick but takes a little longer and does not burn. Wish I would have known about ACV baths then I’m sure it would have sped up the process tremendously! I did also end up ordering a mixture from Australia that she had to drink and within two weeks she was cured but it was very price at $130 but also very worth it. During this time I gave birth to my second child and after had an immune system crash due to my c section. Well of course a couple of months after having baby #2 I developed a case of MC myself on both of my upper arms and my husband developed it also on his upper arms. We believe we both caught it because at the time my daughter slept in our bed so it made sense. My husband couldn’t care less about this virua and is in denial while I on the other hand had a total Breakdown. I treated our daughter so i know how ugly it can be. I’ve spent so much money trying to treat myself and prevent the spread to our baby and i have had some success while my husband still refuses to try anything. Just this last week I’ve noticed a few bumps on our 6 month olds neck and i am positive that it is MC so I want to attack it immediately. I want to do the ACV baths with her but it would be challenging since it is on her neck so i have a question…
    Do you think it would be wise to share an ACV bath with her? My case is mild with about 5 small bumps on my chest and I cant really see any on my arms anymore but they may still be there. The baby only has a few on her neck but I’m sure it will spread quickly because she has a very chubby neck which tends to get very moist due to drooling and just not getting air.Also I nurse exclusively and this is another reason I’m very fearful, we might just keep passing it back and forth and spread it more. I hope that you still respond to these comments as I could really use the info and advice. Thank you.

    • Anonymous in CLT says:

      Just out of curiosity, what was the medication from Australia and would that be an option for you and your husband? The reason I ask is because my 6 yo daughter has it and we have been doing the ACV baths for about 3 weeks and the bumps are still there. and I did the bandaid with the ACV too! They seem like they are ready to pop but I am not sure what to do that point. They are also on her neck and I have stopped doing the baths just to give her a break, but not sure what the next step needs to be. They are still there and have not had a significant change in them. When they become white, like a pimple, are we supposed to rub to get that seed out or just leave them along??? PLease help!

  63. C says:

    So once all the bumps are gone, is it safe to assume the virus is gone? Or are the bumps the end of the virus? THIS WAS SO HELPFUL! Treating 3 daughters now! 🙁

  64. C says:

    And THANK YOU!

    • JR FrugalMom says:

      C, it sounds like you’ve got quite a handful there. I would continue giving the your girls the ACV baths for 1 – 2 weeks after the bumps have disappeared just to be on the safe side, and then keep a watchful eye on them to make sure that no bumps reappear. Good luck! I hope the end of MC is near for you and your family.

  65. Tracy says:

    My daughter has had the bumps for about 6-8 months. And they spread on her stomach. The first one got really big, red, and white. I did pop it and was careful to not spread it. We used ACV on what was left to make sure it would go away. The next day it was black and within a few days it shriveled up & the scab fell off. There were about 6 more of various sizes also on her tummy. I picked a few that were larger and again popped them. I took sharp, sterile tweezers and got the white middle out and applied a cotton ball soaked in ACV to each spot. Again, within a day they turned black and a few days later they scabbed over and the scab fell off. We do have scars though.

  66. Roxanne says:

    At what point do you stop treatment? When they are scabbed over? My daughter has them on her chin and forehead as well as other parts of her body, and some are definitely changing, but not all of them. She has a huge one on her chest and after the second night it has turned dark brown! Is this normal? Am I supposed to pop them too?

    • JR FugalMom says:

      Roanne, continue with treatment until the bumps are scabbed over. Do not pop them, this increases chances for permaneng scarring and infection. If there are a few stubborn bumps left, you can also try to spot treat these by dipping a qtip in a AC vinegar/water solution and then dap the bumps. One tip per bump, so that you do not contaminate other areas of her body.

      I’ve had success with this qq tip spot treatment at the end of a treatment, and it is less time consuming than the baths.

      The color changes you describe seem normal, any time you see a change, it is a good thing. Just keep an eye out for oozing infections.

      Good luck!

  67. Confused says:

    Can these apple cider vinegar baths be used around genital molluscum, or is it too harsh?

    How often and how long should I do the baths?
    Do I rinse the vinegar off after ?

    I am so confused and concerned that it lasts for years…
    How long can this virus live on a surface?
    Can taking a shower kill the virus on a person’s skin?

    • jrfrugal says:

      I think the baths are the best option. The longer you can sit in it the better. I tried to get the kids to sit in the tub for 20 – 30 min, and the oldest son wanted to get rid of his MC so bad that he often took two baths a day.

      After your bath, just rinse of quickly, and be careful when you dry (air drying is best) as the towel can easily spread the molluscum

      I have not found much research on the topic, in fact I just read a magazine the other day, where doctors recommended just letting the virus run its course, which of course also lets it spread.

      i’ve now had three kids deal with molluscum, the recent one just this summer, and this method works.

      Don’t despair, you are not alone, and if you read through the comments on this post or any of our other molliscum posts, you will see that many other people have come here in search for help with genital mollucum as well.

      The key is consistency, keep at it until the bumps have scabbed over, and you see no more new bumps. Even then I recommend taking the baths for at least another week.

      Another post with lots of commenters:

      Good luck!

  68. Monica Quinn says:

    Ok, I’ve had molluscum (2 bumps!) on my face since I was 9 or 10, I think, I am 22 years old now!

    My mom took me to a dermatologist a few months after I got them, not realizing how contagious it was. The dermatologist told me it would be expensive and would scar my face and that it would eventually go away. I remember being so heartbroken, and my mom told me “It’ll be cured before you get married” Hah… Not yet! After surviving my teenage years with this problem, I’m not waiting any more and don’t really care if I have a scar, rather have a scar than a molluscum on my face.

    I am going to try the ACV treatment on the largest one today, I also poked it with a needle a few times because I had layers of skin form over it. Wish me luck. Thanks for posting this!

    • jrfrugal says:

      Monica, I’ve never heard of anyone heard anyone having Molluscum for more than a few years. I would definitely recommend going back for a second opinion.

      With that being said, apple cider vinegar has shown me what miracles it can work, and I sure hope it will work for you too.

      My daughter got molluscum over the summer. She had a few bumps on her hands and one on her face. I was really scared about scarring her, so instead of doing the bandages I dipped a q tip in ACV and put it directly on the bumps. One q tip per bump to prevent spreading. It worked wonders! The bumps disappeared quickly, and she’s now MC free.

  69. AussieMCmum says:

    Hi, I am in Australia and we are treating our second case of mc. The only thing that helped my daughter was the beach every day. I didn’t know about ACV. Starting tomorrow we will be beaching it up every day and will be doing the ACV. Could you possibly post the routine of what you did to cure your kids with the ACV?

  70. Stephanie says:

    My 8 year old daughter has been battling MC for the last 10 months. It’s only on her face. She has about 40 ranging from huge to tiny spots. We started using ACV about a week ago. We are putting it directly on the bumps with a Q-Tip and that’s all. Only one bump as festered up and busted with lots of blood and puss. Is it normal for all the yucky stuff to come out of them and do I continue to put in on the red and angry ones? We can’t really do a bath since they are on her face only. How many times a day should we do it? I’m sorry for so many questions but school starts in a few weeks and she is praying so hard that she can start school MC free!

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