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As a part of the Blogging Tips series here at Frugality Is Free, I am going to write about how you can earn money from blogging. The most successful way to monetize your blog is by using several different methods such as ad sense, affiliate programs, money earning programs and private ads, because it is the combination of these monetizing methods that will provide you with a proper income from blogging. Project Wonderful is one way that bloggers can monetize their blogs, but it is also a way for bloggers to market their own blogs.


At Project Wonderful you set up an ad box on your blog, and other bloggers or small online stores can then bid on having their ad in your ad box. If there is a bidding war about your ad space, you will earn more, but if there is no competition you will earn less.
Project Wonderful is not a big money maker, but it is better than nothing. I started out earning $15 the first year, $20 the second year, and now I am earning $10 every month or so.
For the first year, I did not find any real correlation between the bids and the estimated amount of pageviews, but as my blog has grown to have a significant readership I now receive about $10 a month, as I average $0.20 – $0.50 a day for the ad spot. At $0.20/day it is equal to about $6 per month, and at $0.50/day it is equal to about $15 per month.
One of the things that I like about Project Wonderful is that I can choose to cancel an ad, if I do not think it is a good fit with my blog. A few weeks ago, I had the first encounter with a non-appropriate ad, and I simply went to Project Wonderful and blocked this ad. I have not had any issues with inappropriate ads since then.I can also choose the size of ad I want on my site, and I have chosen a small standard 125 x 125 ad, as this one seems to get the most bids. You can set a minimum bid that you are willing to accept on your ad box, but this is not recommended by Project Wonderful.

At first I had a big ad listed, but it seems that most advertisers have the 125 x 125 ads, which means there will be more competition about your adbox, and thereby better payments.

You can choose how many ad boxes you want on your site as well, but from my own experience having more than one ad box on your blog will decrease the competition and just make the earnings for each ad box decrease.
Examples of ad boxes from Project Wonderful:
Pros About Project Wonderful:
  • You put up an ad space and that’s all you have to do.
  • You can choose your ad sizes
  • You get paid no matter whether someone actually buys something or visits the store or website advertised.
  • You can use your earnings to market your own ad.
  • You get paid fast!

Cons About Project Wonderful:
  • The earnings are low
  • With the ad, you will have a space telling everyone, how much the ad space is actually earning you per day.
  • Your blog has to be accepted.
Getting Accepted by Project Wonderful  
Not all blogs get accepted into the Project Wonderful program, and all ad boxes has to be approved.
Content Restrictions:

  • No adult content
  • Sensitive content: Sites with hate speech and other sensitive content are not allowed on Project Wonderful.
  • Not enough content:  New blogs must have at least 30 quality posts
  • Sponsored content: Blogs which have accepted money in order to link certain products, or review posts may have a difficult time getting accepted.
  • Duplicated content
  • Clean site design required

Project Wonderful is not a big money maker, but if you are just starting out, it is a great way to get started on getting paid advertising on your site. In my opinion every little bit counts, and I appreciate the fact that I do not have to do anything to keep my ad box running. Contrary to online survey sites, where I may earn $10 a year by spending time taking surveys, I do not have to do anything at Project Wonderful, and it is therefore a welcome addition to my online earnings. I currently charge for a month advertising at Frugality Is Free, so at $10 a month it is a slight discount, but it is still a way to monetize my blog.

You can sign up at Project Wonderful here.

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Monetize your blog with Project Wonderful.  

If you have any questions or tips about how to monetize your blog, please feel free to leave a comment. 

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  2. Just checking out Project Wonderful. I myself have an adzone at Galactic 123 that gets around 2K displays a day. You can bid for it if you want: http://bit.ly/GKQzwN

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