Oct 242011

I use Sandisk Memory Cards for all of my cameras, because I know they are reliable, since I have never had any issues with these memory cards. I always fear that any of my memory cards will break and I will loose my photos and videos, but fortunately that has never happened to any of my Sandisc memory cards. I even have a Sandisk memory card that is 7+ years old, and although it cannot keep many images it is still going strong in my son’s camera.
When I discovered that this SanDisk Secure Digital Card was on sale at 75 percent off on Amazon, I knew I had to pick up an extra one for my husband’s work camera, as his memory card does not keep many photos on it. Although the regular price at the store is closer to $12 and not the $26 as Amazon lists it at, it is still a great deal at $6.49.

SanDisk Secure Digital Card 2 GB (SDSDB 2048-P36, Retail Package)

List price: $26
Amazon sale price: $6.49 + Eligible For Free Shipping on orders $25+
Find more Amazon Deals here.
If the above SanDisk Secure Digital Card does not fit your camera, you can find many more great deals on Sandisk Memory Cards here. 

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