Oct 122011

If you have ever tried looking in the mirror, while you were in the shower you will surely recognize the aggravation of having a fogged up mirror. Just the other day I stepped out of the shower with leftover facial mask in my forehead, and it was not until my husband mentioned the strange spot in my forehead (30 minutes later) that I realized how much I needed a mirror in the bathroom that I could actually use after taking a shower. The fogless mirror from ToileTree was just what I needed!

The ToiletTree Fogless Mirror is just what it sounds like a fog free mirror. I will admit it, I was skeptical, in fact I was extremely skeptical that this “fogless mirror” would work. However, I got the chance to put the ToiletTree Fogless Mirror to the test, and with the help of my sons I even managed to take photos.
Above you see the fogless mirror clear and crisp in front of my regular fogged up bathroom mirror.
For the ToiletTree Fogless Mirror to work, all you need to do is pour hot water into the container behind the mirror, which will make the mirror have the same temperature as the rest of the room and make it fog free
Does the ToiletTree Fogless Mirror work? Yes, it does!
I use the Fogless Mirror while showering, and it works great. The day I took the photos from this post, we closed all windows in the bathroom and turned the hot water on to make it as foggy as possible. My regular mirror quickly began to fog up, but the ToiletTree Fogless mirror passed the grade with high marks. It did not fog….at all! Not one single foggy spot could be found on the mirror, and the image was as clear and crisp as the day I received it. 

One day I forgot to put hot water in the back of the Fogless Mirror, and it started fogging up slowly just like my regular mirror, but as soon as I put hot water in the back of the mirror, it was back in the game again. 
What I Love About The Fogless Mirrror
  • It works!
  • It is great for shaving
  • I no longer walk out of the shower with leftover mud mask on my face.
  • It is easy to use

What I Don’t Like About The Fogless Mirror
  • The plastic construction seems a bit flimsy

Buy To Fogless Mirror From ToiletTree

You can buy the ToiletTree Fogless Mirrror at the ToiletTree webstore, at Amazon and Amazon Canada.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase ToiletTree offers a 100% 30-day money back guarantee

Win The Fogless Mirror From ToiletTree
One of Frugality Is Free’s readers will win a ToiletTree Fogless Mirror as a part of the Holiday Gift Guide.

This giveaway will end Wednesday November 16th at Midnight. EST.  

The giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents 18 years old or older. I will chose the winner via Random.org, and the winner will be notified by e-mail. Make sure to leave your email, or have your contact available on your blogger profile. The winner will have 48 hours to respond, and if there is no response another winner will be chosen. 

Disclosure: I received a complimentary fogless mirror for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway. No monetary compensation has been received, and any opinions expressed above are based solely on my experience with the ToiletTree brand and products.

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