Oct 292011

The Tonka Ricochet Trickster from Hasbro has invaded my living room, and my boys are loving it. I now have to watch my step everywhere I go, because the Tonka Ricochet is quick to appear, quick to vanish and it can do tricks and stunts everywhere it rolls.
The Tonka Ricochet Trickster from Hasbro, and the capacity this little RC vehicle has is amazing. It jumps, skips, stands on two wheels and finds it way around any obstacle. The only obstacle it cannot conquer is that of it’s own limitations, as it stops if it gets too far away from the remote control.
Tonka Ricochet

My kids have seen the Tonka Ricochet commercials, and I feared that it would not live up to their expectations. However, the Tonka Ricochet did just what they expected and more. My nine-year-old is becoming great at controlling the Tonka Ricochet, while I will admit that I am still having a difficult time getting it just where I want it to.

Now, there is one big drawback with the Tonka Ricochet , and it is one that I always complain about, when it comes to the Tonka RC vehicles….battery use! The Tonka Ricochet  is a small vehicle, but thanks to the great tricks it can do and it’s high speed that it uses a lot of power.
The Tonka Ricochet vehicle only uses 1 rechargeable (non-replaceable) battery, but this battery is charged through the remote, which uses five (5) AA batteries. To a mother of three boys, this recharging process is simple, but it does not make any sense. I wish Tonka would come up with a rechargeable battery with a rechargeable battery charger, so that the kids would actually be able to use the Tonka Ricochet, whenever they wanted to and not whenever we can afford to buy them batteries. Between my three boys we have several RC vehicles, but the ones that are used the most, and the once that both kids and parents love the most are the once where we can just plug the battery in the charger an hour before we need to use the RC vehicles. So please, Tonka listen to Moms! We need Rechargeable battteries in your awesome Tonka remote control vehicles….
Despite my wish for a true rechargeable battery, I will say that my kids’ Tonka Ricochet Trickster has yet to run out of battery despite several hours of use.
Tonka trickster
The Tonka Ricochet is smaller than a tablespoon.

Except for the battery issue, the Tonka Ricochet is a fun, entertaining RC vehicle that my kids love. Tonka knows how to make toys fun, and the Tonka Ricochet is no exception.

Pros About The Tonka Ricochet Trickster:
  • It is fun
  • It is small – takes up less space (3 x 8 x 10 inches)
  • There is no antenna to break
  • It spins and makes lots of great tricks and stunts.
  • When it runs into something it easily spins around and goes another way

Cons About The Tonka Ricochet Trickster
  • Battery use – it uses five AA batteries
  • It only goes 15 – 30 minutes per battery charge
  • It can only be used indoors

The Tonka Ricochet Trickster is a fun toy that will make a great holiday gift this year, and at the price of $24.97, I actually thing it is a reasonable buy. I do advise that you pick up a great deal cheap batteries at Amazon, if you decide to get the Tonka Ricochet for the kids this holiday season.

Buy The Tonka Riochet Trickster
You can buy the Tonka Ricochet at Amazon for $24.97, and it is eligible for free shipping on orders $25+. You can also buy the Tonka Ricochet at local retailers such as

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Tonka Ricochet Trickster from the Bzz Agent program for the purpose of writing a review. All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own, and they are solely based on my experience with the Tonka Ricochet Trickster.

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