Nov 132011
Heelys Edge

My oldest son recently received a pair of cool Heelys Edge, and he was in awe when he saw them. “But they are teenage shoes Mom” my nine-year-old son declared, and he was excited to show them off to his friends. As a mother I was hesitant, hesitant because Heelys seemed exciting, but they also seemed a bit dangerous. 

The Heelys Edge look great, and my son loves to show them off at the playground. He will wear them to school without the wheels, and I will bring the wheels when I come pick him up. Once we get away from the busy avenues, my son is allowed to put on the Heelys. Riding on the sidewalk is a bit tricky, because our sidewalks are not perfect. The Heelys do not ride well on the asphalted road either, as they need a smooth surface, and the perfect conditions for Heelys are cemented surfaces such as a basketball court, or other large cemented surfaces. 
My son is not a spur of the moment child, and he likes to take his time, so he has taken it very slowly when it comes to the Heelys. We have watched several Heelys videos, and we are both amazed and hopeful that he will be able to pull off stunts like the once we have seen at some point. For now he is still practicing, taking things slow, and he is not able to roll far before he gets off the wheels. As his mother I know that he will find his way on the Heelys, he just need to take all the time he needs without feeling any pressure.

I have ordered knee pads and elbow pads, because these are definitely needed once my son picks up speed on his Heelys.
Although my son has not mastered the Heelys on wheels yet, the Heelys work and look great without the wheels as well. I was initially worried that the shoe bottom part for the wheel area would fall out, when he started walking in them, but this has not been an issue at all. It is very easy to transform the Heelys Edge from regular shoes to Heelys with wheels, and it is just as easy to transform them back again with the Heelys tool.

What I Love About The Heelys
  • The Heelys Edge look great and are comfortable to wear.
  • The Heelys Edge are flexible, and it is possible to change from Heelys with wheels to ordinary shoes in seconds. 
  • The Heelys wheels and the accompanying wheel tool does not take up much space, and these can fit in the balm of your hand. This make them easy to carry in a backpack, a pocket or a purse whenever you are on the go.
  • The Heelys are fun and encourages children to be active.  
  • You can reorder new wheels, if you need to. 

Cons About The Heelies
  • Protective gear is needed, and the Heelys should be treated as rollerblades.
  • Learning how to ride and master the Heelyss takes time
Heelys are fun and the kids love them. Wherever my son goes with the Heelys they attract attention from both kids and parents, and my son loves the cool look of his new Heelys Edge.

Heelys will make a great gift this holiday, but make sure to include protective gear with your gift, so that the recipient will be ready to roll.

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Buy The Heelys
You can buy the Heelys at the Heelys website, find Heelys on Amazon +
 Free shipping, and you can find Heelys at local sports retailers. Use the store locator at the Heelys’ website to find a store near you.
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Disclaimer: I received complimentary Heeelys in order to write a review, no monetary compensation has been received. Any opinions expressed above are entirely my own, and my opinions are based solely on my experience with the Heelys.

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