Nov 162011
Right now My Coke Rewards has 50 Percent off some great rewards in the My Coke Rewards Holiday Catalog, which include gift cards for Subway, AMC and Coke products. Of course some of the prizes are sold already, but load up your My Coke Rewards points, because you never know when they will restock. 

Some of my favorite My Coke Rewards Holiday Catalog 50 Percent Off Prizes:

  1. Free 12-Pack Coca Cola product coupon now 120 points (Was 240 points) (in stock)
  2. $10 Subway Gift Card 200 points (out of stock) 
  3. 2 AMC Theatres® Silver Experience™ Movie Tickets and 2 Free Large Fountain Drinks  470 points (in stock)
  4. $50 Nike E Gift Card Code 1000 points (Was 2000 points) (in stock)

 Thank you Money Saving Maine-iac!

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