Nov 292011
Superpoints invitation

I just got my first 75 Superpoints bonus invitation, and it came at the right time, because I am very close to redeeming for my fourth $25 Target gift certificate this month.

If you have  been considering signing up for Superpoints, but have not already done so you can take advantage of this Superpoints bonus point invitation and get 75 extra bonus points by signing up at Superpoints here. If you are asked to enter a token code enter: 6y52f9

I only have one of these 75 point invitations, and when it is gone it is gone. If you are still interested in signing up for Superpoints I have a couple of Superpoints Invitations listed here.

Superpoints is helping me out big times this holiday season, and I just did a lot of Amazon shopping for holiday gifts with my Superpoints wins.
You can read all about Superpoints at my Superpoints Guide.

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