Nov 022011
The weather in South Florida was so beautiful yesterday that I decided to walk to Target with my toddler, while my two oldest sons were at school. We ended up having lunch at a local park, so it turned into a five mile walk, but it felt good to be outside walking again after several rainy days. My main purpose of walking to Target was to get orange juice, as running out of orange juice is not a good thing at my house. However, I also wanted to scoop out the Target Halloween clearance sale, which turned out to be at 30 – 50 percent off.
I was looking a snack for my five-year-old’s class, and while there were a lot of great 50 percent off clearance deals I decided to hold back. If I find anything at 75 percent off clearance later on in the week, I will probably start shopping.

The Hot Wheels clearance was a big bonus, as I have been looking for a great deal on Hot Wheels for my boys to put in their stockings. I was actually going to pick up five pack Hot Wheels at Aldi for $4.49 next week, but at $2.79, I saved even more with these Hot Wheels Halloween clearance packs.

My Target Halloween Clearance Shopping Trip
4 x Market Pantry Orange Juice at $2.29 = $9.16 
– (2 x $1 Target Orange Juice Coupon) = $7.19 ($1.79 each)
2 x Market Pantry Bagels 6 pack @ $1.24 each = $2.48 
– $1 Target Breakfast Coupon) = $1.48 ($0.74 each)
2 x Revlon Nail Clippers at $2.39 each =$4.78 
– $5 Revlon Coupon Catalina = FREE ($0.22 overage)
2 x Revlon Nail Clippers at $2.09 each = $4.18 
– $5 Revlon Coupon Catalina = FREE ($0.82 overage)
2 x NYC Cosmetics eye liner @ $0.94 each = $1.88
– (2 x $1 Target NYC Cosmetics Coupon) = FREE ($0.12 overage)
3 x Halloween Hot Wheels 5 pack on Halloween clearance at Target for $2.79 = $8.37 (Saved $8.37)
Halloween Oreo snack pack – 20 bags on Halloween clearance at Target for $1.49 (Saved $1.49
Lego helicopter on Halloween clearance at Target for $1.99 (Saved $2)
– 0.15 Target Reusuable bag discount
Tax $1.15
Total out of pocket $17.89
Total saved $29.48

On our way back from Target I picked up 40 free photo prints from Walgreens, which saved me $7.60. I was headed to the post office with a package for my niece and nephew, and it was great to be able to send some recent photos as well. Unfortunately the Walgreens photo deal expired yesterday, but I hope that some of you were able to take advantage of the free photos as well.
I would love to see how you did on your grocery shopping this week. Come link up at the Weekly Savings Linky at Frugality Is Free every Friday!

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