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Gift cards make great last minute holiday gifts, especially when you have run out of gift ideas. There are always someone on my holiday shopping list that I have problems shopping for, and for them gift cards are perfect. Not only does giving gift cards make my life easier, but it also gives the recipient freedom to choose something that he or she can actually use. Giving a gift card does not have to be boring, make sure to check out my gift card wrapping ideas.

As a savvy shopper, giving gift cards is actually a great way to stretch your money as well, because prices usually go down after Christmas. If you only have $10 budgeted for a gift, you are much better off buying a gift card than something you do not know will be appreciated, because the value of the card can easily be doubled after Christmas. 

Who I Love Giving Gift Cards To:
Gift Cards for Teachers: I used to come up with a personalized gift for my child’s teacher every year, but with two kids in school I have run out of ideas. Instead my kids will make a personalized card, and we will include a gift card for a bookstore, retail store or grocery store. Instead of buying a random gift, we try to give a teacher a gift card that they can actually use. 

Gift Cards for Family Members In Other States: With shipping prices increasing, a gift card can be the perfect way to send a valuable gift to a family member in another state.
Gift Cards for Teens, Tweens College Kids: It can be very difficult to purchase gifts for teens, tweens and college-age kids, because their wishes are often quite expensive. Getting a gift card to their favorite store is the perfect compromise, because this way they have flexibility, but they can also use it towards a more expensive purchase.
Gift Cards for Kids: Gift cards make great stocking stuffers for the kids, and it is amazing how kids can stretch a gift card with a little frugal sense. As an example the value of a $10 Target gift card can be tripled, if you take the kids to the 75 percent off Target Clearance sale in the middle of January.
Gift Cards for Husbands or Wives: My husband can be very difficult to find gifts for, and I have often given him gift cards to his favorite store, because this way he can pick out exactly what he wishes for. Another great thing about giving my husband a gift card, is that he will be likely to find a much better deal on what he wishes for after Christmas than before. 
There are many great ways to give a gift card, and with a little creativity giving a gift card. 
Gift Card Wrapping Ideas
  • Put it in a big box filled with balloons – wrap it and create a lot fun gift-opening experience.
  • Put the gift card inside a food carton such as mashed potatoes, a rice box etc. Wrap it, and set the stage for fun gift opening.
  • Attach it to a bag of candy or a small box of chocolate. 
  • Put it inside of a magazine with the receiver’s  interests.
  • Put it inside a comic book for kids or teens.
Gift cards might seem like an impersonal gift, but there are many great ways of making it personalized. Just remember to check the restrictions, expiration dates etc. before purchasing a gift card, check the balance of the gift card before you wrap it up, and give the receipt with the gift card as it might be beneficial if the gift card is lost or if something is wrong with it. Finally get creative when wrapping, and make sure to check out the gift card wrapping ideas above.

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