Dec 302011

To be a knowledgeable frugal shopper, you need to keep track of your grocery spending and grocery savings, because that way you know where your money is going. When looking at my grocery savings totals for 2011, I feel like I spent a whole lot of money. However, when I break it down I actually did extremely well. 

I spent an average of $71 a week on groceries for a family of five, which includes one child in diapers. A lot of my Target spending are extras such as gifts, decorations, shoes and clothing that does not come from the grocery budget, so my actual grocery spending is closer to about $65 a week.
You can see how I did this week at the Weekly Savings posts. 
Store Spent Saved
Publix 1600.69 3884.97
Target 803.75 2009.72
Aldi 1112.53 555.35
CVS 95.58 928.29
Walgreens 81.79 163.88
Walmart 14.89 70.76
Whole Foods 18.87 1.37
Winn Dixie 19.96 55.32
Total $3748.06 $7669.66
My total grocery savings for 2011 completely baffles me, because I saved a total of $7669 this year! If I add this to the child care savings of me staying home, and my blogging income….well let’s just say that staying at home and being a frugal shopper really pays off.

You can see my 2011 clothing savings here. 

How did you do on your grocery savings total in 2011? 

How much do you spend a week, and how many people is in your family.

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