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Closet Organization
My house seems to be shrinking, and I am getting tired of the clutter, so I am looking into space optimization and home organization on a budget. Lately I have been tackling one home organization project after another in order to optimize space without breaking my budget. Today I managed to create a better organized multi-purpose closet thanks to an inexpensive over the door shoe organizer.
My hall closet is the multi-purpose closet that was in severe need of some space optimization and organization. The hall closet is a kids puzzle closet/school supply closet/cleaning closet and beauty supply closet. Yes, I know this hall closet has a lot of purposes, but in a small home with three kids, it is all about space optimization. The fact that the closet serves so many purposes easily makes it disorganized, and I usually go through this closet every three months or so.
Lately my toddler has become very busy, and when he discovered the hall closet I lost the battle. My first action was to put up a lock at the top of the closet, and then I decided I needed a little extra to ensure space optimization.
I ordered an over the door shoe organizer from amazon, and today it finally arrived. It was a little bit too wide for our closet door, but I folded it in at the back, and now it fits perfectly. I was worried that the door would not be able to close due to the metal hooks, but it closes just fine.
This over the door shoe organizer is a clear plastic door organizer, with lots of pockets. It seems quite durable, and I am impressed with the quality.
The middle of the shoe organizer is used for dental products, and now the kids can easily find their own toothpaste or toothbrushes instead of having to go through the entire oral product basket.
The bottom part of the door shoe organizer is used for school supplies such as scissors, glue, pencils, crayons etc.. Getting the small school supplies off the shelves helped free up space for better puzzle organization, and it also makes it easier for my kids to find what they need without going through the entire closet.

Take a look at the before and after photos of my latest home organization project.

home organization
Closet Before
shoe organizer tips
Closet After
I am still far from done with my home organization projects, and I think that I am getting closer to the point where I need to realize that no matter how much organization and space optimization I do, what I really need is more space.

Do you need to do some home organization projects, and are you looking for space optimization solutions?

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