Dec 252011

If your kids received a Leapfrog product for Christmas this year, you will soon discover that the fun of a Leapster and other Leapfrog games takes a lot of batteries. Let me give you this advice: get yourself a Leapster charger or a Leapster adapter.

Two years ago I bought a simple Leapster A/C adapter on clearance at Target, and it is one purchase that I have never regretted. At first I was not sure if it was what I was looking for, because this Leapster A/C Adapter did not come with much description. It was on clearance, so I decided to pick it up and try it out, and what a great decision it was. The Leapster adapter works great! All I did was plug it into the wall, and then I plugged it into my boys’ Leapster. There were no longer a need for batteries!

My kids got so much more out of their Leapster, because it never ran out of batteries, and I loved the Leapster even more because of it. The only problem was that we had two Leapsters, three boys and only 1 charger. This Christmas I therefore decided to give my two-year-old son a Leapster adapter from Amazon for Christmas, and it was the perfect gift. This Leapster adapter costs $10.16 on Amazon, and it was $10 well spent.
We celebrate Christmas Eve, so the gifts are under the tree the 24th in the morning, and it can usually be quite a long wait time. Santa comes with a gift for the kids in the morning though, and my youngest son got the charger. My kids found a renewed love for their Leapsters because of the new charger, and they were less likely to fight, because both Leapsters could now be used at the same.
When I first bought a Leapster for my oldest son 5 years ago, I was hesitant about purchasing him a hand-held game device, but this really has been one of the most used gifts he ever got. Five years later it is still working great, and all three of my sons have used it. By sheer luck we received another Leapster about a year ago, when my husband received one through his job. The Leapster worked, there were just no batteries in it anymore – we plugged our A/C adapter into it, and it worked perfectly fine.
So don’t let the look fool you, if you have an old Leapster collecting dust, get a simple Leapster Adapter, and the old Leapster will get a new life.
Product Description:
Avoid batteries completely! The Leapster AC adapter allows you to power your Leapster Learning Game System directly from an AC outlet. Also compatible with Leapster L-Max™ and Leapster TV™. Specs: 120V AC-60Hz 16W9V DC (Not compatible with LeapFrog Explorer Game System)

Simply plug the adapter into your Leapster system and AC wall outlet to keep your little scholars powered up for learning fun. Output rating: DC 13V no load 6.3 VA. (Not compatible with LeapFrog Explorer Game System)

The Leapster adapter, which I have described above only works for the original Leapster products, but don’t despair because there is also a Leapfrog A/C adapter that works with the other Leapster products. This Leapfrog adapter
allows you to power your LeapFrog learning game system directly from an AC outlet. Works with:
• LeapPad Explorer
• Leapster Explorer
• Leapster2
• Leapster
• Leapster L-Max
• Leapster TV
Now, if you have a Leapster 2 you can also get this Leapster Charger, or if you have a Leapfrog Explorer this Leapfrog Explorer Charger will help you save on batteries.

So if you want to give your child’s old Leapster a new life, check out the Leapster Adapter and for as little as $10, you will never have to worry about batteries for the Leapster again. If your child received a LeapPad Explorer, Leapster Explorer, Leapster2, Leapster, Leapster L-Max or Leapster TV getting this Leapfrog adapter will ensure that you never run out of batteries either.

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