Dec 112011
I have gotten free magazine subscriptions from Rewards Gold for years, and I love them. I have never had a hassle of having to cancel a subscription, and I have never been charged anything. I have received subscriptions from photo magazines, to fashion magazines and news magazines and now I am excited about getting a free subscription for Martha Stewart Living, which is one of my favorite magazines.
No credit card needed!

All you need to do is fill out a short survey and your mailing address, and soon you will have the free Martha Stewart Living subscription arrive in your mailbox.
After signing up for the free Martha Stewart Living magazine, I was also offered a free subscription to the Wall Street Journal and Forbes magazine, both of which I accepted. My free magazine subscriptions keep me up to date and in the know, because of the more detailed and information articles than what I read online or see on television.

Thank you to Money Saving Mom for sharing this free magazine subscription.

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