Dec 282011
I grew up on a farm, and I therefore have many precious memories of the holidays and of all of our animals. From helping pull out a calf that was stuck during birth, to riding on my horse in the snow and finding kittens in the hay, the holidays always brought special times with the animals. The holiday pet memory that is most dear to me though, is that of the family dog Vovse playing with my oldest son when he was little.
Vovse is my dad’s dog, but she is a part of the family, and she has always been treated as such. My dad rescued her from being put down at the veterinarian hospital more than a decade ago, and she has been with us though a lot. Vovse has been by our side through happiness, sadness, mourning and laughter, and she has seen our family grow through marriages and the birth of many grandchildren.
My favorite holiday pet memory is the memory of Vovse and my oldest son playing in the snow together, because it was like watching two best friends play together. Every summer and every winter, I would bring home my son to celebrate Christmas on the farm, and every time Vovse would greet us as if she had truly missed us.

From the first time I brought my son home, Vovse was very protective of my son, and it was clear that she considered herself his protector. Whether we were home for the summer or home for winter breaks, Vovse would always be by his side. She would watch over him, while he was sleeping in the baby carriage, play ball with him, eat his leftovers and she would make sure that he was always okay.
When the snow started falling, Vovse would get all hyped up, roll around in the snow, and run around like a cheerful puppy. When we would go for sleigh rides down the hills or just go for a walk in the snow, Vovse would always be with us. She was with us, whenever we headed out for farm adventures and snow walks in the woods, and while she would run off on her own discoveries, we knew she that she was close by. Vovse made sure that we always made our way home safe, and she had this amazing ability of always being in tune with my son and his needs.
My oldest son is now nine years old, and he has not spent a Christmas on the farm since he was four, but he still remembers the fun he had with vovse, his grandparents and uncles, and he still longs for Vovse – his friend on the farm. My son writes about her, draws about her, and tells stories about Vovse to anyone who will listen.
Vovse is still the on the farm with my dad, but Vovse is getting older, and she no longer gets all hyped up at the sight of snow. Instead she now enjoys the warmth of the farm house, and she loves being spoiled by my dad.
My family now lives in urban South Florida, and we have neither snow nor dog. We look forward to the day, where we do get to greet a loyal canine friend into our family, but no matter what it will be difficult to find as perfect a dog as Vovse.

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