Dec 242011
I absolutely love Recyclebank, because every week my family save anywhere from $2 to $15 on our grocery budget because of Recyclebank. You can now earn up to 165 Recyclebank Points, which will be helpful towards getting some great grocery savings. My favorite coupons are the $3 off $30 or the $5 off 50 grocery coupons, because these help greatly toward my grocery budget and I can used them towards the produce and meat, which does not come with coupons.
This fall I actually won a contest at Recyclebank, which I had been entered in for doing one of the Recyclebanl point-earning opportunities. I won 1000 Recyclebank points, and I also won a $25 gift certificate to I used the gift certificate to buy an environmentally friendly gift for my husband, and I am using the Recyclebank points to buy coupons. For the 1000 Recyclebank coupons I can purchase about $100 worth of coupons in the shape of $5 off $50 Doris coupons or $3 off $30 Publix.
The coupons that you have available in your recyclebank account are tailored to where you live, so if you do not have Doris or Publix stores in your area, you will likely find other great money off coupons for your local grocery store.
Right now you can earn up to 165 Recyclebank points, just for learning about recycling. 

Once you log into your Recyclebank account, simply go to the Earn Points tab.
If you are not already a Recyclebank member, you can sign up at Recyclebank here.

You can read all about Recyclebank at my Recyclebank Guide.

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