Dec 182011
Target Christmas Clearance
My favorite time to shop at Target is at the Target Christmas clearance sale and at the Target toy clearance Toy sale in January. 
After studying my past years Target Christmas clearance sale shopping trips, I have come up with the possible dates for the 2011 Target Christmas Clearance sale. 

Update: My local Target store marked their Target Christmas clearance to 70 percent off today! Dec. 29th! See my Target Christmas clearance finds here.

January 4th update: My local Target store is still at 70 percent off! 

Target Christmas Clearance 2011- January 2012

  • Wednesday December 21st Until Christmas: Some stores will start marking holiday goods down at 30 percent off.
  • Saturday December 24th – 29th – 30 – 50 percent off Target Christmas clearance sale
  • Thursday December 29th/30th – 75 percent off Target Christmas clearance sale 
  • Thursday December 29th  – 50 percent off Target Christmas Candy clearance sale
  • Tuesday January 3rd – Thursday January 5th 90 percent off Target Christmas clearance sale 

I usually purchase what I really want at the 75 percent off clearance sale, and then I hold off with any bonus Target clearance items until it hits 90 percent off.
At 75 percent off you can usually find almost everything, and it is a great time to stock up on wrapping paper. I usually try to find some wrapping paper that can be used for non-Christmas gifts, and then I stock up on Christmas style wrapping paper as well. This is a great way to get high-quality wrapping paper for as little as possible. I have a long, slim rectangle card board box in the side of my pantry, where all the wrapping paper fits. It is easy to access, and I do not make a mess once I need to wrap something quickly.  
Check out my 75 percent off Target Christmas clearance trip from last year, this is when I picked out most of my Christmas stuff. 
Check out my 90 Percent off Target Christmas Clearance trip from last year to see what kinds of items were left, although there will likely be different items this year, you can use it as a guide to plan your own Target Christmas Clearance trip.
Now Target clearance varies from state to state and even from store to store, but the above  Target Christmas clearance dates can be used as a guide to when you should head for your local Target store. I suggest going to your Target store around 9 a.m., which is when the Target employees usually start their markdowns.
You can find my latest Target deals here.

You can find my latest Target clearance finds here.

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