Jan 072012
Being frugal does not have to be boring, and finding creative gift wrapping solutions is a great way to put a personalized touch on a frugal gift. I recently hit the outlet mall to find discounts at my brothers’ favorite store Tommy Hilfinger, and on top of getting some relatively frugal gifts for them, I also came up with a creative gift wrapping idea. 
Tommy Hilfinger has some very fancy paper bags, and I thought they would make perfect wrapping paper. I asked for a second paper bag, and when I got home I split up the bags and wrapped the gifts in them. 
The gift tags were simple to make as well, and they remained true to the creative gift wrapping. I cut a cloud out of the bag, and used the bag side to write on. Simple, creative and very frugal!

  1. Ask for a paper bag at the store.
  2. Cut out as much usable paper as possible.
  3. Remove the handles carefully without ripping the bag.
  4. Wrap your gifts, make sure the brand name is visible.
  5. Cut out simple gift tags from the paper bag as well.

Not only was wrapping the gifts free, but the creative gift wrapping gives the gifts a more personal touch and it also gives my very curious older brother a little hint of what is to come.
You can find more frugal living tips right here at Frugality Is Free. 

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