Jan 052012
Are you still clipping coupons every Sunday? If so, it is time to stop! You can now get a free coupon organization system at Office Depot!
I used to spend hours every Sunday clipping and organizing my coupons, and if I did not get it done on Sunday, I would have coupon clutter everywhere. My coupon organization system saved me a lot of money, but it also took up a lot of my time.
However, those days are long gone, and my Sundays are now coupon clipping free. Instead of clipping coupons, I now spend my Sunday mornings on the beach with my family…without worrying about organizing my coupons. 
I now have a great coupon organization system, where all I need to do is file the coupon inserts away every week. No more clipping unless I actually need a coupon. My husband brought home a free file cabinet from work, which was supposed to be thrown out, and I spent about $12 getting file folders and hanging folders. My favorite shopping sites all list coupons with date of insert, and if I need to search for a coupon, I use this coupon locator at Southern Savers.

I have 12 hanging file folders, one for each month, and in each hanging file folder I have four regular file folders, all dated with the Sunday dates in each month. When I get the coupon inserts in the paper, I simply write the date on them, and file them away until I actually need a coupon.
The good news is that this week you can create a great free coupon organization system after Office Depot Rewards.
You will get 100 percent back in Office Depot Rewards, when you purchase the following products:

Office Depot Brand 30% Recycled File Folders, 1/3 Cut, Letter Size, Manila, Pack Of 100 $6.79 ($6.79 Back In Office Depot Rewards)

Office Depot Brand 100% Recycled Hanging Folders, 1/5 Cut, Letter Size, Green, Pack Of 25 $6.79 ($6.79 Back In Office Depot Rewards)

Office Depot® Brand Colorful Tote, 10 3/5″H x 14″W x 17 3/4″D,(Blue, Clear or Black) $12.99 ($12.99 Back In Office Depot Rewards)

You will pay $26.57 out of pocket at Office Depot, but you will get every single cent back when you get your Office Depot Reward check back. Make sure to scan your Office Depot Worklife Rewards card, or use the phone number you signed up with, so that you get your rewards. 




If you are not already signed up for the Office Depot Worklife Rewards program, you can easily do so for free at your local Office Depot store. The following rewards period ends on March 31st, and rewards should be issued after April 15th.  

If you cannot get to Office Depot before the sale expires on Saturday, simply purchase these deals online with your Office Depot Rewards number, and get them shipped to your local store for free. Pick up when you can!

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