Jan 022012
I started out the new year with a big win, as I won $50 at Instant Cash Sweepstakes. I have been a member for about 2 years, and although I often win the $2 hourly drawings, this is the first time that I have won a daily drawing. The Instant Cash Sweepstakes win was in my vacation account this morning, even though I just cashed out last night. I did not have to do anything to win, because I am automatically entered every time I participate at Instant Cash Sweepstakes.
Instant Cash Sweepstakes
While my earnings at Instant Cash Sweepstakes cannot pay the bills, the earnings are adding a good amount of money to my vacation account. I earn between $10 and $20 at Instant Cash Sweepstakes every month, and while the amount is nothing big, the best part is that Instant Cash Sweepstakes have a $2 minimum payout level and they pay fast.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes say that they pay within 72 hours of redemption. In the 2 years that I have been a member this has always been true, and on weekdays it can take as little as a couple of hours.

What Do I Do At Instant Cash Sweepstakes?
At Instant Cash Sweepstakes all I do is answer very brief surveys. I get paid $0.01 to $0.10 every time I answer the surveys, and I can answer surveys every three hours. It can be a bit tedious at first, but as soon as I moved up a level (by answering surveys consistently) I began receiving $0.05 or more quite frequently, and it started adding up very fast.
The key to Instant Sweepstakes is to answer all the questions in every session until you see your green profile page. Don’t just stop, once you receive your payment for the session, wait until there is no more questions to answer. This way you can get paid every three hours.

The more questions you answer, the better the truthscore you get, and the higher the level you end up at. I started out at level 1, and after about six months I reached level 10, which is the highest. This means that I get more tickets and coins, which can be entered into drawings.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes Drawings:
Every time I have about 75,000 – 100,000 coins, I enter them into the four hour drawing (Prize $2), and I have won it many times, which boost my earnings. The key to entering the drawings is to save up your coins until you have a decent amount 75,000+, and once you do, make sure to enter at a time that you think few people enter. The best time to enter your coins into the $2 drawing is after between 2 AM and 6 AM EST- If it sounds like a crazy time, it is because it is. However, with three early birds in the house, I am often up that early, and this is when I enter the drawings.
I have done several experiments, and If you enter 100,000 coins at the time, your chances of winning the $2 drawings at this time is great. However, if you enter 50,000 or less you are likely to just loose your coins. So…save them up and play big:)
As with any online earning program, I cash out as soon as I can to prevent losing any of my earnings. If I find a program I like and trust, I make sure to tell my friends about it, but I only write about the programs that I have actually been paid from, and which I feel are trustworthy. I have been a member of Instant Cash Sweepstakes for more than 2 years, and I have never encountered any payment issues.If you would like to learn about more ways that I earn money online check out my Earning Money Onlinetab.The first time you cash out, it will take out a few extra cents of your earnings. But after that, everything you earn will go straight into your paypal account.


Why I Love Instant Cash Sweepstakes:

  • It is easy and fast
  • I can answer questions every 3 hours.
  • I can do it on my own schedule
  • It pays in paypal
  • It pays fast (Pay within 72 hours of redemption)
  • Minimum payout is $2
  • You can actually win the drawings.
  • You get matching earnings, when your friends sign up.
  • It’s a trustworthy program – I have been a member for 2 years with no problems.
Earning money online tip: Be consistent, make a bookmark list of sites you need to go to every day. The more consistent you are, the more money you will earn.
If you would like to join, I would love it if you would join through my Instant Cash Sweepstakes sign up link.
Earning Money Online
This post is part of the Earn Money Online: The Online Money Making Series at Frugality Is Free.

If you have any questions about Instant Cash Sweepstakes, just leave me a comment.

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