Jan 252012
New JCPenney Prices
If you have wondered why there have been a JCPenney Coupon drought lately, I might just have the answer for you. Ron Johnson! The former Apple executive took the JCPenney top spot in November, and Johnson has now implemented big changes at JCPenney.
Anyone, who has shopped at JCPenney in the past couple of years, knows that the regular prices were ridicoulously high, and that there was no point in making a purchase at JCPenney unless it was at least at 50 percent off and you had a coupon. For clearance shoppers, the prices on products had increased as well, so that clearance prices at JCPenney mimicked that of regular prices at other stores.
Yes, it has been possible to get some great deals at JCPenney with coupons, but without coupons the prices were through the roof. So, what is the new JCPenney CEO’s plan? Well, his first move has been to announce that JCPenney is getting rid of sale prices, and that as a result JCPenney prices will be slashed 40 percent.
It sounds great, right? Slashing prices 40 percent…

Well, think about it, if the prices were already at least 50 percent higher than they were supposed to be, and JCPenney now announces that they will cut regular prices by 40 percent, but that in return they will get rid of sales… For frugal shoppers, this is not a good move, and I gotta give it to Mr. Johnson, he certainly has guts.
This is of course a sales tactic: let’s slash the prices and make our customers think they are getting a better deal. The truth is more likely that the average price on an item purchased is going to be higher than it was in the past, since JCPenney customers could combine sales with coupons to get a better price.
As a frugalista, I am always weary when stores pull a stunt like this. Even more so is the reason for worry, when you realize that this move has been made to improve the bottom line at JCPenney.
According to the Associated Press these will be the New JCPenney prices:
  • There will be fewer sales – more like a month long sale.
  • Simpler prices: No more $5.99, it will now be $5 or $6.
  • Clearance: Items that don’t sell well would go on clearance the first and third Friday of every month when most Americans get paid. 
  • Color tags: (Red Tag: Every day price), (White Tag: Month-long value), (Blue tag: Best Value = Clearance).
  • New Advertising: No more coupons??? A catalog will be mailed every month, and focus will shift to celebrity advertising. Ellen DeGeneres will be the new face of JCPenney.  
New JCPenney Catalog
The February 2012 JCPenney Catalog

The new JCPenney catalog is already being sent out to JCPenney customers, and it is quite a change from the regular JCPenney sales ad. This flashy JCPenney catalog has more of a magazine feel to it, with bright bold colors, more focus on the clothes and less focus on the prices.

On a positive note, I will say that the new JCPenney prices are more reasonable than the old JCPenney prices, and where a women’s skirt used to cost $60, it now costs $45. Baby clothes usually priced around $12 – $16 a piece can now be found for around $8 etc. Still, while the prices are now closer to those of Target and Old Navy, they are still high if you are trying to clothe a family of five.

If you are used to shopping for clearance at JCPenney, you should now look for the dark blue stickers. On the first and third Friday, new items will go on clearance, but do not expect big price cuts like the 70 – 80 percent that we have seen in the past.

JCPenney Price Changes JCP Catalog
The New JCPenney Catalog
Now, you can still find a couple of valid JCPenney coupons here at Frugality Is Free, and I will continue to post any JCPenney coupons that I may find. Let’s hope that Ron Johnson will soon figure out that shoppers go to JCPenney for the sales and not for the high prices.

What do you think of the new JCPenney prices? Do you think the new prices will be better or worse for the JCPenney customers?

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