Jan 262012
Yesterday my favorite delivery man showed up with a very special surprise. As a mom blogger and mom product reviewer it is always fun to see, what products are hidden inside the boxes that arrive at my door, but yesterday was even more special.
Inside the box was a mystery box from 1-800-Baskets, and the strangest thing was that there was not a note included with it. Inside the mystery box was a beautiful crafted gigantic fortune cookie with Belgian chocolate and colorful sprinkles. The kids loved it, and they were ready to dive right in.

I put it aside for a bit, while I went through my email trying to figure out, who it could have been from. My inbox provided no clues, and when I finally gave into the children’s excitement, we found a note inside the fortune cookie.
It was a quote by Charlie Chaplin and a very special message from the Step2 Team: 
“A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted.”

Welcome to the 2012 Step2 Test Drive Mom Blogger Program! Thanks for all you do as a mom and as a Step2 Brand Advocate.

The Step2 Team
I was amazed, surprised and extremely thankful. 
My family loves the Step2 brand and their high-quality, fun and sturdy products that last forever, and I am very excited to be a part of the 2012 Step2 Test Drive Mom Blogger Program. I cannot wait to see what great products Step2 comes up with in 2012, but I know that whatever it is, the products will not disappoint.
Being a mom blogger and a product reviewer takes a lot of work, and while it is most often fun work, there are still a lot of work and time that goes into writing detailed and honest reviews, hosting reviews, keeping the blog updated etc., and being a product reviewer itself is not compensated besides the products that are tested and reviews. 

Knowing that my work is appreciated by a company means a lot, and it is obvious that Step2 has some great team members, who know, value and appreciate the power of mom bloggers.

Thank you Step2 Team!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for writing this blog post. The special surprise gift from the Step 2 Test Drive Mom Blogger Program was not an incentive to write about it, it was just a special treat. 

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