Jan 032012
I went to Target today to check in on the Target Christmas clearance sale….which is still at 70 percent off at my local South Florida Target store. I am expecting it to go to 90 percent between tomorrow and Thursday, so if you are looking for a great deal keep your eye out. You can see my Target Christmas clearnce Date predictions here.

I was surprised to see how much Target Christmas clearance stuff that was still there, and I will definitely give an update as soon as I find the Target Christmas clearance at 90 percent off.

January 5th update: The Target Christmas Clearance is still at 70 percent off at my local South Florida Target store:

I am hearing rumors that it will not go to 90 percent at all, but I am still keeping my fingers crossed.

I’m heading for a different Target store tomorrow, and I am hoping this will be the day that Target marks it’s Christmas clearance to 90 percent off.

The Target employees were moving a lot of toys around today, so I am counting on a markdown tomorrow morning. 

What is the Christmas clearance marked at in your local Target store?

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