Jan 052012
Oh my, I was so disappointed when I discovered that the Target Christmas clearance was not at 90 percent today at my local South Florida store. I have heard rumors that the 90 percent will never come, but then again there are reports from around the country that the 90 percent off Christmas clearance sale is going on in some stores. 
Target Christmas clearance January 5th 2012
The above is just a part of the Target Christmas clearance at my Target store, there were two rows behind it as well. 
So…..if yours is still stuck on 70 percent off, as my Target Christmas clearance sale is….then be patient! I am going to stalk down my store every day until it finally hits 90 percent off.

There are a lot of Target Christmas clearance left in my South Florida stores, and it is just not moving at 70 percent off.

You can find more of my latest Target clearance finds here.
You can find my latest Target deals here. 

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