Jan 102012
I have six giveaway winners to announce today, and it is always a pleasure to spread some winners luck around. Today I will find the winners of the Husky Stubby, Wrench and Socket set, the AdoraPet mini books and the Pretzel Maker from Nostalgia Electrics. 
The winners are: 

Kelly D (kellywcu)
Nostalgia Electrics Pretzel Maker giveaway winner: 
Mary F (sweetpea0861)
Winner 1: Jessica
Winner 2: Larissa (lmbrunken)
Winner 3: Marcella (emmerswee)
Winner 4: Jade (sleppery)

Congratulations to the winners! 
Thank you to Iron Bridge Tools, Nostalgia Electrics and AdoraPet for sponsoring these fantastic giveaways!

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