Feb 242012

Our visitors have left, and I am now back to my regular shopping routine. I did spend extra this week though, as my middle son is turning six next week, and I have promised him a big party. Thankfully I have been shopping year round for the best party deals, so I do not have to dedicate a lot of money for the party. My goal is to keep the party under $100, without having to sacrifice on anything.

I bought my son’s birthday gifts at the January Target toy clearance sale, so that is another cost I do not have to think about now.

You can see the details of my shopping trips by clicking on the titles or the images.

See my:
I spent $30.89 at Aldi 

I saved $20 at Aldi 

See my:
This week’s Publix Deals Trip
I spent $39.38 at Publix
I saved $64.18 at Publix

See my:
This week’s Target Deals Trip
I spent $15.62 at Target
I saved $15.53 at Target

See my:
This week’s Dollar Tree Deals Trip
I spent $18 at Dollar Tree
(I saved $18+? at Dollar Tree)

See my:
This week’s Toys R Us Deals Trip
I spent $0.19 at Toys R Us
I saved $3 at Toys R Us

My Savings Totals

Groceries for a family of 5:
Total spent this week $$70.27
Total saved this week $84.18

This week’s clothing and extra purchases:
Total spent this week $33.81
Total saved this week $36.53

Total Out of Pocket This week:
Total spent this week $104.08

Total saved this week $120.71


You can find lots of great printable coupons at my coupon database My Best Printable Coupons.

Check out the Aldi spot for a Price Comparison List between Aldi, Target, Publix and Walmart.

PhotobucketFor more places to link up your grocery savings check out the Weekly Savings Linky Collection, and if you have a giveaway on your blog don’t forget to enter it at the Fantastic Friday Giveaway Linky.

How long before a party, do you start stocking up?

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