Feb 172012
Blockbuster Express Kiosk
These days there are many ways to have a frugal family night, and one of my kids’ favorites is frugal movie night. Thanks to our local Blockbuster Kiosk and their Blockbuster Express codes my family can enjoy great movies at a great price.

$1 off two movie rentals with promo code: FEBMOVIENIGHT – Expires 2/26/2012

You can use each code once per credit/debit card.

Blockbuster has started using a new way of getting codes. You will have to text a word to 39777, and they will text a specific code back to you. (This is a one use code). Since I cannot text to this number from my own phone, I have been unable to verify these codes.

Only text one of the words at a time!


These free movie codes work on the $1 – $3 movies at the Blockbuster Express Kiosk, and you can use one per transaction. To use more than one code, simply complete the transaction and start over again.

The free movie rentals need to be returned to the Blockbuster Express Kiosk by 9 PM the following day, or you will be charged $1 per day per movie overdue

You can use your free Blockbuster Express Codes at your local Blockbuster Express Kiosk. 
Where To Get Free Movie Codes
  • If you ever get an opportunity to sign up with Erewards, they also offer Blockbuster Express Codes as a reward. I have been invited through Borders Rewards and Pizza Hut in the past, so signing up for the Pizza Hut newsletter is a good start. 
  • You should also sign up for the Blockbuster Express Kiosk newsletter to get notifications of new free movie codes. 
  • From now on you can find Blockbuster Express Codes here at Frugality Is Free as well. 
  • Get free Blockbuster rentals at My Coke Rewards. 
If you want to have a frugal movie night, don’t forget to use these great Dominos coupon codes, to get cheap pizza too.
The Blockbuster Express codes are great to use, if you are like me and prefer a good movie instead of a football game. If the movie codes in this post are expired, you can check out the Blockbuster Express Codes tab.

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