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A few years ago, Sue from I Need Mom shared the gift giving tips below, and I thought it was the perfect post to share with all of you just in time for Valentine’s Day, because maybe your significant other needs some gift ideas for women or gift giving tips.

What Should I Buy My Girlfriend? (Wife or Significant Other)
By Sue from I Need Mom 

Ladies-print this now, and leave it somewhere that your special person can see it.
I was going to title this, “Don’t Buy Your Wife A Vegetable Bowl” but that really isn‘t a very catchy title. Believe me, I’ve never let my husband forget the year that he bought a vegetable bowl to go with my everyday dishes for my birthday. We’d only been married a couple years and I was still at that stage of trying to appear grateful and nice when I opened it, until I started sobbing. 
It wasn’t that the bowl sold for only $7 (it was the 70’s, stuff was cheap) or that I already had 2 of them that upset me. It was the fact that he didn’t give it any thought at all. I have to say, he didn’t make that mistake again.
Women are generally easy to please. Most of us don’t really care if we get huge diamond rings or lavish trips to exotic islands, we just want to know that you care about us. We want to know that you pay attention to the little things that make us happy. Women tend to take care of everyone else and on those few days a year that are truly “ours” it is such a treat when someone does something nice for us. I have a few suggestions that just might help.
1) If we say we don’t want anything for our birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas…we don’t really mean it. The budget may be very tight, but we would still like a token gift that is special just to us. One year I had a photo enlarged at Walmart and bought an inexpensive frame for it. It hangs in my husband’s office as a reminder of a special vacation. I didn’t spend more than $15, but he loved it.
2) Do not buy us a gift and charge it to a credit card that we have to pay. Trying to work an extra expense into the budget takes the pleasure out of the gift.
3) Some women love to get lingerie, some don’t. If she doesn’t generally wear lacy lingerie and that is what you buy her, you are really buying yourself a gift. If you buy her the comfy boxers and t-shirt she loves, she (and you) will be much happier in the long run. On the other hand, if she loves sexy lingerie, don’t buy her a flannel nightgown, it is insulting.
4) We don’t want cash to go shopping for ourselves.
5) Most women would rather have a small bouquet of a favorite flower than a dozen red roses. Red roses don’t require thought, but every time my husband brings me tulips (my favorite flower) I am thrilled. I don’t care if they come from the grocery store, the unexpected surprise makes me feel loved.
6) There are times when an extra special gift is nice to receive. If it is one of those special birthdays or anniversaries, plan ahead. Many jewelry stores will let you put something in layaway, or start a special savings account. Don’t wait until the day before her 30th birthday and try to find something for the $20 you have in your pocket.
7) You really don’t have to spend a lot of money to make her happy. Grab an inexpensive basket from Target and fill it with a book from her favorite author, her favorite chocolates, a candle and some bubble bath. Tell her you will watch the kids for an hour while she soaks and reads. If she has children, there is nothing she would love more than some quiet time.
8) If there is no money to spend (and we’ve all been there), make her some coupons to trade for your services. Some suggestions might be, I’ll Make Dinner, A Backrub, I’ll Take the Kids to the Park, I’ll Clean the House This Week, I’ll Watch a Chick Flick With You…you get the idea.
It isn’t nearly as difficult to shop for a woman as most men think it is. You know your partner, all she really wants is to know that you’ve been paying attention.
I would like to thank Sue from I Need Mom for letting me share this post with all of you. Sue is always full of decorating tips, great recipes and special tips for anyone who needs it.
My husband used to be anti-gift, anti-birthday, anti-holiday and anti-special occasions, and no matter what I said or hinted I always ended up disappointed on those special days.
Sue’s post was just what I needed, and I forwarded her gift giving tips to my husband. I honestly did not think that it would have an effect, but it did! My husband is still not thrilled about those special occasions, but I now get flowers, potted plants, or a thoughtful “semi practical” gift on those special occasions on top of my husband’s special treatment.

On the rare occasions that my husband did get me something for the special days, it used to be a watch or a piece of jewelry quickly picked up at the Kmart down the street, or a rose or gift basket picked up on the side of the street. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but the truth is that I do not wear jewelry (except for my simple wedding ring), I do not wear watches, and I would much rather have a potted flower than a bouquet of roses that will die in a few days.

The truth is that it is not really the gift that matters to me, it is the fact that my husband has taken his time to think of a special gift that means something to me. Thanks to Sue’s post, I now receive something that is special for me such as plants for my garden, or something that my husband has overheard me talk about.

I no longer worry about my husband spending his hard-earned money on something that I will tug away in the closet or throw in the compost pile after a few days. Thank you Sue!

I Need Mom

You can read Sue’s post about Gift Ideas for Women at I Need Mom, and if your husband needs a little reminder this Valentine’s Day, feel free to forward this post to him.

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  1. I remember the very first Christmas gift my husband gave me – a $20 bill! I felt like no thought AT ALL had gone into it, like he just felt like he had to give me something. Or maybe he forgot about me till Christmas morning. Needless to say, I never spent it!

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