Feb 262012
My husband took the kids to the park this morning, so that I could get some alone time at Kohl’s with my coupons and Kohl’s clearance. Today Kohl’s has 25 percent off all already clearanced products, and they also have a 15 percent off Kohl’s coupon out, so even though I did not have any gift cards, I still wanted to check out the sale. 
I went through almost all of the clearance racks, and although there were lots and lots of boots on sale at great low prices, I had to pass because there is never any reason to wear boots in South Florida. I did not find any shoes for my kids either, but I did find a pair of jeans and boxers for my oldest son. Both were too big for him, but it will be put in his box for the next year or two. 
Where I really hit the jackpot was in the ladies underwear department, as there were a lot of bras, underwear and more at great clearance prices. 
My Kohl’s Clearance Shopping Trip:
Boys Urban Pipeline Jeans (Reg. $38) on clearance at Kohl’s for $8.55
Boys Boxers (Reg. $2.40) on clearance at at Kohl’s for $0.24
Vanity Fair Bra (Reg. $32) on clearance at at Kohl’s for $2.40
Olga Bra (Reg. $34) on clearance at at Kohl’s for$7.65
Champion Sports Bra (Reg. $26) on clearance at at Kohl’s for $7.80
Barely There Underwear 2 pack (Reg. $4.27) on clearance at at Kohl’s for$4.27
– 15 Percent off Kohl’s coupon (-$5.64)
Tax $1.58
Total out of pocket $27.85
Total saved $ 125.85

If you want to get in on this great Kohl’s clearance, you’ll have to head over there today, as the 15 percent off coupon expires today.

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