Feb 252012

My five-year-old son loves pizza, so there was no question about what he wanted his birthday guests to eat at his birthday party. My job is therefore to make pizza for his party affordable, and this I know how to do. I have redeemed for a $25 Domino’s gift card at Superpoints, and then I combine the Domino’s gift card with online Domino’s coupon codes to stretch it even further.

I love Superpoints, because I am able to earn about $25 a week from doing something as simple as spinning a wheel, and the prizes are delivered less than a week after redemption. You can read my Superpoints Guide here, if you are interested in learning more about how to earn money online through Superpoints. Meanwhile, if you are interested in signing up for Superpoints, you can sign up for Superpoints here.

If the Superpoints Bonus Invitation is already taken, you can still sign up here with this Superpoints Invitation code.


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