Mar 162012

$10 off $10 Kohl's Coupon

I am very excited, because Bridget from Being Frugal & Making It Work just told me to look through my inbox for a $10 Off $10 Kohl’s coupon. At first I could not find it, but then I checked the spam mail, and sure enough there it was hiding. Thank you Bridget, if it wasn’t for you, I would probably have missed it.

So, look through your inboxes to see, if you are one of the lucky recipients of this $10 off $10 Kohl’s Coupon in your inbox. Look for an email titled: “Special In-Store Offer: $10 Gift to Use on Anything You Want!” If I remember correctly, you may even be able to combine this $10 off $10 Kohl’s coupon with the current 20 Percent off Kohl’s coupon.

This $10 off $10 Kohl’s coupon is only valid from Friday March 16 – Sunday March 18!

How To Get The $10 Off $10 Kohl’s Coupon:

This is one of the few Kohl’s coupons, which I cannot share with all of you because it is a one-time use only coupon. It seems to be a rather random coupon, and not everyone who has signed up for Kohl’s emails will receive it. If you have not already signed up to receive Kohl’s coupons and the Kohl’s newsletter I highly recommend it. You will get a $5 coupon just for signing up. (The $5 Kohl’s coupon will take a couple of days to arrive in your inbox though).


If you did not get this Kohl’s coupon, you can always check out the Kohl’s coupon tab here at Frugality Is Free for the latest Kohl’s coupons. Did you get this great coupon?

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  1. I’m SO glad that I was able to help you! 🙂 I would have hated for you to miss out on this great coupon!

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