Mar 102012
Frugality Is Free
As Frugality Is Free is getting close to the first 1 million pageviews, I have come to the decision that I want to move the blog from Blogger to WordPress, and that I would like to get a new blog design at the same time.

Until now my husband and I have done all of the blogging, htlm coding etc. ourselves with the help from other blogging friends, but the Blogger to WordPress move terrifies me, so I think it is time that I enlist some help.

I have been researching Blogger To WordPress designers, but I have yet to make my final choice. Before I do, I wanted to ask those of you, who have made the transfer and/or have had a professional blog design done, about your experiences.

  • Which host are you using? 
  • I am leaning toward Host Gator, do you have any experience with this host?
  • Who did you use to do your Blogger To WordPress transfer? 
  • How much did the Blogger To WordPress transfer cost?
  • If you have a professional customized blog design, which designer did you use, and how much did it cost?
  • If you are pondering a move and or blog/design change what is the one thing that terrifies you the most? 

I would love to get some feedback, before I make my final decision. If you do Blogger to WordPress transfers and designs, or if you know someone who does, I would love to get the contact information. 

You can leave your information on this post or contact me at smartmomj @ gmail dot com

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