Mar 152012

CVS Coke DealIt has been a busy week for me this week, so I did not want to go through any hassle at CVS. I still wanted to get in on the CVS Coke deal though, as it is hard to beat. The Spend $15 get $5 back Coke Deal at CVS is awesome, and with the coupons it became even better. I had gotten the Coke coupon through My Coke Reward a while back, when they had it on sale, and I was saving it for the right sale.


CVS Coke Deal

5 x 12 Pack Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite

– $1/2 Diet Coke Coupon

– Free Coke Coupon from My Coke Rewards

– $4.99 in CVS Extra Bucks

Tax $0.90

Total out of pocket $6.91

$5 CVS Extra Bucks Back



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