Mar 172012
Frugality Is Free

I am beginning to settle in on WordPress, but it has been very stressful days, since I decided to make the switch to WordPress myself. One of the last issues that I am working on is getting my Feedburner feed/Email Newsletter to work properly, and I was hoping that you would help me.

Did you get the Frugality Is Free newsletter this morning?

I have two different Newsletter feeds, and I will be cancelling one of them, to get everyone on the same page.

So, if you did not get an email this morning, but you are signed up for my Email Newsletter, perhaps you are signed up for the feed that I will be cancelling, since it is not currently working.



Why should you sign up for the Frugality Is Free Newsletter?

  • You will get updated whenever a new giveaway is posted?
  • You will never miss a Giveaway Linky or Book Giveaway Linky?
  • You will get the latest freebies, deal alerts and top coupon alerts.
  • If you enter Frugality Is Free giveaways, you will usually get 4 – 5 entries for being signed up to the Frugality Is Free newsletter. (I do; however, check that the subscription is activated)


You can sign up for the Frugality Is Free newsletter here:


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  2 Responses to “Did You Get An Email From Me?”

  1. I sure DID get an email from you this morning! 🙂

    Happy St. Patricks’ Day!

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