Mar 292012

Family Games Target Sale

I was very excited about the family games on sale at Target this week, and today I picked up a few of the deals. I was hoping to get two Memory games and 1 Candyland, but my Target store would only let me use one coupon, even if I split up the transactions. I might go back for another game tomorrow, or at least get a rain check if they are out. Did you get any great deals on family games at Target this week?

The Marvel Heroes action figures were $7.69 in South Florida and not $6.99, which had been written about on other blogs. So, I passed on them, because even though $1.69 is cheap, I could still find better ways to spend my $1.69.


My Target Family Games Trip:

Memory Game – The Original – at $7.04 – $3 Target Family Game Coupon and $3 Family Game Coupon = $1.04

Battleship Game on sale at $10 – $3 Target Family Game coupon and $3 Family game Coupon = $4

Battleship Card Game at $7.14 – Free wyb a Family Game valued $10+ = Free

Play-Doh 24 pack on sale at $9.99 – $3 Target Play-doh coupon and $3 Play-doh coupon = $3.99


– $0.15 Reusable bag discount

Tax $1.08

Total out of pocket $9.91

Total saved $44.63


Since my local Target store would only allow me to use one of the $3 Target Games coupons yesterday, I made a quick stop at a different Target store today. This time I brought my oldest son along, so that I could use two coupons, but also so that he could get a little shopping practice.


Family Games

My oldest son bought Candyland, and I bought a second Memory game.


The Second Family Games Target Trip

Candyland was $7.79  – $3 Target Games Coupon and $3 Family Game Coupon = $1.79

Memory Game – The Original – at $7.04 – $3 Target Family Game Coupon and $3 Family Game Coupon = $1.04

– $0.10 in Reusable Bag Discount

Tax $0.53

Total out of pocket $3.21

Total saved $12.01



Total Target Totals

Total out of pocket $13.12

Total saved $56.73

Check out more info about all of the Target toy deals here. Did you pick up any of the great toy deals or deals on family games?

  3 Responses to “Target Toy Deals & Cheap Family Games – I Saved $56!”

  1. That’s awesome! Great deals and they always make great gifts!

  2. Great job! I did this too! But my target store was out of Battleship and Candyland, good thing the coupons don’t expire for a while, so maybe I can go back after they restock. Last year I found that right before Easter is the best time to look for toy coupons. At least where I live any way. The target web coupons were an added bonus. I have all of my Christmas and birthday shopping finshed for 5 kids in my family for the next year with $87.00 savings!

    • The deal is even better this week as a lot of the games including Candyland is on sale at $5.I already sent off all Christmas and birthday presents for 2012 to my relatives overseas, I had them ready in January, so that I could send them home with family members instead of shipping, which would have cost me an extra $200. I love the Target clearance sales!

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