Mar 162012

JCPenney Clearance SkirtToday I did my first JCPenney clearance shopping after the No JCP coupon policy took in effect, and I will say that I am not impressed with the prices. Yes, the regular prices are lower than they used to be, but the clearance prices certainly are not. This was my first visit to JCPenney after the No JCP coupon policy took effect, but I did not purchase anything on the two previous occasions.

What did I find?

I found an East 5th skirt with pleats at the bottom for myself for $10….just what I had on my gift card.


My JCPenney Clearance – NO JCP Coupons Shopping Trip:

East 5th Skirt $10 at JCPenney

Tax $0.70


– $10 Gift Card from Mypoints

$0.70 out of pocket

  9 Responses to “JCPenney Clearance Deal – My First Shopping Trip After The No JCP Coupons Change”

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  2. I am so sad with the changes JCP has made. I agree, the prices are not lower than before, especially when you used a coupon like 10 off 50. I had a pair of St. John’s Bay(JCP brand) shorts from last season that got stained so I wanted to replace them. With sales last year, I got 2 pair for 15.00. This year the same shorts were 20.00 each. Not impressed JCP!

    • Ellen, I am so with you. Sad! The only reason I have kept returning to JCPenney was to find something for my $10 gift card. Now that it is no longer burning up in my pocket, I will be visiting Kohl’s more often instead.

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  4. Just to add a positive note to the JCPenney new prices….. I’m really enjoying not having to wait for “buy one get one half off” on jeans or door busters that really aren’t…. jacked up prices to make you think you’re getting a bargain with coupons.

  5. I’m not a fan of JCP’s new system at all. I’m hoping that in time they will revert to their old model, or at least REALLY lower their prices when there’s a sale.

  6. I haven’t been to JCP since their new sales took effect. Sounds like it might not be worth the effort. Glad you scored a great deal though!

    • Shelly, the only reason why I kept going back was to find something great to use my gift card on. Now that I do not have a JCP gift card burning up a hole in my pocket….well, it will probably be a while before I go back. I am redeeming for Kohl’s gift cards on Mypoints instead of JCP now.

  7. I agree…it’s not the same. You could get better and deeper discounts using their coupons in combination with clearance items etc. I do keep looking on their website and find some good deals on occasion. I go to the category and then select best prices and just look at those items. They just recently had $5 infant jackets/coats that are gone now and I got a $5 2 piece Carter’s outfit. Not bad. Free ship to store too!

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