Mar 112012
If you have been an avid JCPenney shopper, you might just be going through JCPenney coupon withdrawal. I know I am! I have a $10 JCPenney gift card burning up in my wallet, and it has been there since January. Why? Because I go into JCPenney, and I think back to when I would have JCPenney coupons in my wallet, whenever I entered the mall. Those days seem to be long gone, and although we are only into the second month of the JCPenney coupon free days, I am seriously going through JCPenney coupon withdrawal. 
I would love to hear how you feel about the lack of JCPenney coupons? Do you think it was a smart move from JCPenney, or do you think it will catch up with the company? I have been to JCPenney three times, since the JCpenney coupon free days begun, and each time I have left without spending any money.
I am a big fan of Ellen Degeneres, but I will admit that I am saddened whenever I see Ellen swear off coupons. Yes, shopping with coupons might be more work, but those of us who shop with coupons, well we know why we do it…
Now, one of my observations during the past month and half is that there are very few people shopping at JCPenney these days. I might be wrong, but while the stores were busy with customers in the fall, I only see a couple of customers walking around the store now. Another observation I have made, is that the JCPenney “clearance” racks are full, but there are no customers picking through them.

What are they going to do with all of this clothes?

The regular prices at JCPenney has become more reasonable, no doubt about it. Still, are they good enough to draw customers? In my opinion the price are now similar to those at Target, but at Target the clearance prices are much better. The quality seem to be the same, and it makes me wonder about the new JCPenney sales strategy.

I guess we will not know for a few months, whether this new JCPenney sales strategy is effective or not. I for one am very curious to see, whether the JCPenney sales pick up because of it.

You can read more about the latest JCPenney coupon changes here. 

So how do you feel? Are you going through JCPenney coupon withdrawal too?

  2 Responses to “JCPenney Coupons – Do You Miss Them?”

  1. I too miss the JCP coupons. I loved to recevied the $10 off $10 coupons and the thrill of going shopping to see what I could get for almost free. I hope they bring back the coupons. The coupons made me go to JCP. Since I haven’t received any coupons, I haven’t been to JCP since December.

  2. I miss the coupons big time. I used to be a very loyal jcp customer, now I have completely stopped shopping there. I refuse to, without the coupons.

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