Mar 152012

Publix Shopping Cheap Kleenex

With the boys home from school this week, I decided to skip my usual mid week trip which includes ALDI and Target. I might make a quick stop at Target later on, as I believe they had ground beef on sale. Instead of the big shopping trip, I made a trip to Publix after swim practice. I had some Kleenex coupons that I wanted to use, so I picked up 13 boxes of cheap Kleenex for $0.33 each. Unfortunately these will not last long at my house, as my oldest son and I suffer for all-year allergies.


My Publix Shopping Trip

2 x 1 gallon Publix Orange Juice @ $3.99 each

1 Gallon Publix Lemonade $2.99

Strawberries $1.67

Mushrooms $1.69

Chuck Roast @ $3.49/lb = $5.10

1 Red Pepper $1.33

2 x Silk Soy Milk on sale at 2 for $5 – (2 x $1 Silk coupons) = $3 ($1.50 each)
Keebler Cookies on BOGO sale at $3.49 – ($0.55/2 Keebler coupon RP 2/19) = $2.94 ($1.47each)

13 x Kleenex Tissues on sale at $1.33 each x 13 = $17.29 – (3 x $1 Kleenex coupons 2/26 SS regional coupon) = $4.29 ($0.33 each)

6 x Ultra Palmolive Dish Liquid, 25 oz, on BOGO sale at 2 for $3.49 x 3 = $10.47 – (6 x$0.50 Palmolive coupon SS 2/26) = $7.47 ($1.25 each)

– $3 Publix Coupon from Recyclebank

Total out of pocket $42.84

Total saved $46.89


Where To Get Publix coupons:
Recyclebank: Sometimes you can get Publix coupons and Doris coupons at Recyclebank. If you are new to Recyclebank, or if you are interested in signing up, make sure to check out my Recyclebank Guide to get the most out of your Recyclebank account.
The Newspaper: Check out your local newspaper, I find $5 off $50 Doris coupons quite often, in a small Doris ad in the Sunday paper. Sometimes you can also find Publix coupons in the paper.
Red Plum Mailer: Sign up for the Red Plum mailer, on rare occasions it will contain Publix coupons.
The turnstile: Look for Publix coupon booklets in the turnstile at Publix.
Competitor Coupons: Publix accepts competitor coupons, which can be combined with manufacturer coupons.My local store accepts Doris, Sedano’s, Target and Winn-Dixie, but ask at your local Publix what competitor coupons they accept.
Come share your Publix savings at the Weekly Savings Linky at Frugality Is Free every Friday!


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