Mar 222012

Target Deals

I already made one Target trip this week, but since I was close by my favorite Target store today, I figured I might just take a look. Publix had increased the price of their orange juice, so I was thrilled, when I discovered that the Target orange juice was on sale at $1.99 each. I had some $1/2 Target coupons, which made them each $1.49 or $2.98 per gallon.

I also picked up two additional Aquafresh kids toothpastes at $0.50 each, and I found cheap party favors that already found their way to our Party Box. I split the transaction up in two, since I can only use one of the same Target coupon per transaction.

My Target Deals:

4 x Target Orange Juice on sale at $1.99 each = $7.96 – (2 x $1/2 Target Orange Juice Coupons) = $5.96 ($1.49 each)

2 x Aquafresh Kid Toothpaste on sale at $1.50 each = $3 – (2 x$1/1 Aquafresh Target Coupon) = $1 ($0.50 each)

4 x Spritz Party Favors – Car Erasers 12 pks on clearance at $0.60 each = $2.40

Up & Up Magic Cleaners at $2.89 – $1 Target Cleaning Coupon = $1.89

Up & Up Storage Bags 50 ct at $2.49 – $0.50 Target Food Storage Coupon = $1.99

– $0.15 in Target Reusable Bag Discount

Tax $0.80

Total out of pocket $13.89

Total Saved $19.65


Do you take advantage of the Target Reusable Bag Discount?

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  2. I didn’t use my bags this week, went off and forgot them. However we did okay this week at Target.

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