Mar 182012

I always wished that I had learned how to properly type when I was in elementary, middle or high school, but the schools focused more on computer use than on typing. When I was offered a job as an executive assistant for a law firm in Manhattan after college, I knew it required a lot of typing, so I bought Typing Instructor to improve my typing skills. I was amazed at how much faster I became at typing, and my only regret was that I had not bought the program sooner. So, when I spotted a great deal on Typing Instructor For Kids right before Christmas I knew that I had to pick it up for my boys. I figure that if they get typing down right, all of those papers they will be writing during the next 15+ years will be done a lot faster.

Well, the Typing Instructor for Kids deal is back on Amazon, and you can now pick up this great typing for kids
program for only $9.99. That is a 50 percent discount, and you even get free shipping with Amazon prime or on orders of $25+.

If you think learning how to type sounds tedious and doubt that your kids will even want to try it, well think again… Typing Instructor for Kids comes with games that make learning how to type fun.


Typing Instructor For Kids

List Price: $19.99

Amazon Sale Price: $9.99 + Free Shipping On Orders Of $25+

4 out of 5 Stars (60 reviews)


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