Mar 222012

Walmart Price Matching

I have never been a big fan of Walmart, but I will admit that I am loving the Walmart Price Matching policy now that Walmart has moved into my shopping area. Since I am on foot, I usually try to plan as many stores together in one small area, which ends up excluding a lot of local stores with great deals. Now that Walmart has implemented a great Walmart price matching policy, I can get the best deals without having to walk all over town, and I have noticed that a lot of their produce is from Florida, which makes it local for me. My weekly shopping trip still includes a lot of walking, as the stores are spread out quite a bit, but my son and I make a trip out of it.

I really do not save that much at Walmart, but that’s because I am not spending much. It is very easy to fall in the Walmart trap, so I try my best to stick to my list. One way I do so is by using a shopping basket only, because this is way I have no room for the extras.



Today’s Walmart Price Matching Trip:

2.31 lb Cabbage @ regular price $0.64/lb = $1.48 -> Price Matched w/Bravo @ $0.33/lb = $0.76 (Saved $0.72)

2 x Lettuce @ regular price ($1.48) = $2.96 -> Price Matched w/ Sedanos @ 2/$0.99 = $0.99 (Saved $1.97)

5 lbs Idaho potatos @ regular price $3.97 -> Price Matched w/Sedanos @ $1.88 (Saved $2.09)

Tax $0.06

Total out of pocket $4.69

Total saved $4.78


So far I have not run into any problems with trying to price match at Walmart. I simply go through the ads at home (make sure they are current), and then I write down my list. I list the prices by store, and at the check out I simply let them know that I would like to price match. I give the store and the price, and it is that simple. I do not even have to show the ad, although I always carry them just in case.


Do you use the Walmart Price Matching offer?

  5 Responses to “Walmart Price Matching – Saved 50 Percent On Produce”

  1. I always try to price match at Walmart to cut down on trips to different stores too! For me it’s all about saving gas because of the high gas prices!

    • Lori, you are absolutely right. You save a lot of gas and time by price matching at one store. I am amazed at how easy it has been to price match at Walmart, but I surely wish that they would take coupons with the price matching.

  2. I drive to Sedanos in Orlando, but it is probably a 40 min drive which I make, because of the great deals they have. However, I have tried price matching at my local store with the Sedanos ad and have had problems because the store is not around the Walmart I go to. I it find annoying as I could save on gas if they price matched Sedanos at my local store. 🙁

    • Wow, Liz that is quite a drive to Sedanos. Is there another Walmart closer to you, which perhaps will price match to Sedanos or even Target? Target are more rigid with the price matching though.

  3. I find Target to be more rigid with everything. Many times it depends on who you get at Target. It’s just not consistent at all.

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