Apr 102012

Lenders Bagels

I got the best and the worst deal at Target today, and I am still kind of bummed about it. First of all I found Lenders Bagels for $0.36 each, so I picked up four packages. My local Target store has these great grocery deals once in a while, and the expiration date does not necessarily have to be close.

The Dollar Spot was 50 percent off Easter stuff, so I picked up a couple of bags with bugs for goodie bags, and then I found two great windbreaker jackets on clearance for my sons. We live in South Florida, so I was going to save them for next winter…..but….

I paid for everything, and then I left the store. I walked to Taco Bell to pick up a taco for my son for lunch, and then we headed for the playground nearby. When we got to the playground, I realized that I was missing a bag. The red reusable bag that I  had the jackets and the Dollar Spot stuff in. It didn’t make any sense, so I called Target but I had not left it at the register. They said that if I came back in, they’d look over the tape to see, if they could figure out what happened.

I traced our walk back (which really wasn’t that long), I went into Taco Bell, and there were no signs of the bag anywhere. I walked back to Target, and from my receipt time and number, they could easily find me on the tape. The guy came out and told me that he could see me putting the red bag on the stroller handle, just like I did with the blue one. This is what I originally thought I had done, and it didn’t make any sense. I thanked them for at least getting me so far, because now I knew that I had not left the bag in the store.

The only answer I have is that someone took the bag at Taco Bell. I ordered my son’s taco (still with my hands on the stroller handle), then when they called my number, I turned around and took two steps forward to grab the bag. I had my purse over my shoulder, and the only bag that I had not tied onto the back of the stroller was the red reusable bag with the jackets in. I am literally speaking off a few seconds here, before I turned back around facing my son in the stroller again, and I was only two steps away from him. This is the only time that I let go of the stroller, and it is the only time that morning that my eyes were not on it.

My only hope is that whoever has my bag can actually use the great windbreaker jackets that I had bought for my sons. Thankfully my son is alright, I still have my purse, and both jackets were on clearance, which means I paid 75 percent off the original price.


This is what I did bring home…..

4 x Lenders Whole Wheat Bagels at $0.36 each (Were $1.49 each)

Total spent: Way Too Much!

Total saved: ….Way Too Little!


I really do not care much about the missing jackets, as I only paid a few dollars for each, and I’ll probably go pick up a couple of new ones if they are still there, when I get back. What really upsets me is that I am so careful never letting my kids out of sight, yet someone with less than honest intentions were so close to my son that they could grab a bag from the stroller handle, while I turned around for less than 10 seconds.


Have you ever had something stolen from you, while you were out shopping?

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  1. When we lived in Washington DC I went with a friend and four children to see Santa the scam was one group would steal the winter coats and while Mom turned to get the coats second group would steal the child it happened in front of us / we were a tag team this is why we went together they got no coats and no children from us. I know this is not while shopping but it was in a mall. I know I have lost tons of money over time from folks stealing from my family. I am just so glad you are always so careful the way you have to shop is dangerous these days. I am so glad you and your son are alright and that your purse was not stolen. You might consider tag team with another Mom just so you have back up.
    PS: The other thing you could do is share on your blog one week late. If folks learn from your blog too much then they learn how they can steal from you.
    Example they know that you are on foot and that you purchase items for your family/ they also realize where and how you shop these are tough times we live in and many folks are just plain mean and only look out for themselves.
    Under how much you spent today: Priceless you learned a massive lesson for very cheap!

    Best of luck to you in your future trips.
    We left Florida three years ago and I thought people were already getting like this. (we use to live right near where you are.) Feel free to write me if you need other tips for keeping safe.

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