Apr 162012

90 Percent Off Target Easter ClearanceI had the feeling that my local Target store would hit the 90 percent off Target Easter Clearance mark either yesterday or today, so I knew I had to make it there early in the day. Sure enoug the Target Easter Clearance was at 90 percent off, and the Target Easter Candy Clearance was at 70 percent off although it was only marked as 50 percent off.

This was the Target store that had very little Target clearance to begin with though, so there were not much left at all.

I had brought along the Hershey’s coupon from yesterdays coupon insert, and I also had a $1.50/2 Mars coupon from All You that I had not used, and these coupons came in handy. The majority of the candy was Hershey’s bags of 10 oz+, so definitely bring the coupons from  yesterday’s paper.


I’ll give you an update later today of what I bought at the 90 percent off Target Easter Clearance sale.


Target Clearance Easter Dresses


The Target Easter clearance was at 90 percent off

The Target Easter candy clearance was at 7o percent off.

There were no more Target Easter dollar spot clearance left

The Target Easter Dresses were still at 50 percent off.


You can find the latest Target Easter Clearance here, and make sure to check out all of my Target clearance finds. I would love to pick up some of the nicer Easter baskets, which can be used for teacher’s gifts and more, but I am going to wait it out a few more days just in case it goes to 90 percent off clearance.

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  1. I’m headed to Target first thing in the morning, hoping there will be some good things left!

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