Apr 112012

Aldi Ad April

I have tried to pull the best ALDI deals from the Aldi Spot to share with all of you here at Frugality Is Free, and this week there is definitely something to talk about.

ALDI Meat Deal: Chicken Breasts $1.69/lb (Starts Wednesday 4/11 – limited supply)

ALDI Florida Produce Deals: (Starts Wednesday 4/11)

Strawberries $1.39
Pineapple $1.39
Anjou Pears 2 lbs $1.19
Naval oranges 4 lbs $1.49
Mangoes $0.59
Cantaloupe $0.99

Millville Fiber Now Granola Bars $1.49 (Was $1.89)

Fit & Active Vitality Cereal Bars $1.49 (Was $1.89)

Fit & Active Protein Meal Bars $3.99 (Was $4.69)

Clancy’s Kettle Chips $1.79 (Was $1.99)

Millville Honey Crunch & Oats Cereal $1.89 (Was $1.99)

Countryside Creamery Butter Quarters $1.99 (Was $2.29)Bake House creations Crescent Rolls $0.99 (Was $1.29)

Friendly Farms All Natural Sour Cream $0.99 (Was $1.29)

Fit & Active® Neufchâtel or Happy Farms Cream Cheese $0.99 (Was $1.19)

Clancy’s Baked Potato Crisps $1.79 (Was $1.99)

Nature’s Nectar 100% Juice $1.99 (Was $2.49)

Nature’s Nectar Cranberry Juice $1.49 (Was $1.69)

Benton’s Fudge Striped Shortbread $1.19 (Was $1.29)

Nature’s Nectar Tropical Splash Juice $1.49 (Was $1.79)

Nature’s Nectar Juices $1.49 (Was $1.79)

See more Aldi price cuts here.

Special Buy Aldi Ad:

Gardenline 6-Piece Patio Set $99.99

Suncast 50-Gallon Deck Box $49.99

Gardenline Chair Cushion $12.99

Gardenline Seat Cushion $6.99

Gardenline Bird House Feeder $7.99

Deutsche Kuche German Breads $1.49


See more deals in the Aldi ad here.



You can find more details, price information and Aldi recipes at the Aldi Spot.

(Starts Wednesday 4/11) Chicken Breasts $1.69/lb (Starts Wednesday 4/11 – limited supply)

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